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    We repair a lot of snapped and broken cables. Your cables help to reduce the tension which helps extend the life of your springs, both torsion and extension springs. They also allow your garage door to open and close more smoothly. If a spring breaks, which we see often, the cables can help keep the garage door from crashing down and causing even more harm or damage.

    There are 3 kids of garage door cables:

    1. Safety cables
    2. Torsion spring cables
    3. Extension spring cables

    We often are asked how thick should cables be and does it make a difference. The answer is yes!

    Thin cables tend to wear faster. They can break or snap more easily as well. Just imagine a garage door going up and down, and all of a sudden a cable snaps! The thicker cables are, logically, more durable. They can carry even more tension and weight to help support your springs and the weight of your garage door.


    Usually this is the spot of where garage door cables can snap. That loop you see in the picture below is connected to a bracket at the bottom of the garage door.

    garage door cables repair thickness

    Even though thicker cables are always better, you don’t want to have a cable that is too thick. This is why you pay a professional, since they can determine the exact thickness your specific door and springs require to work optimally. You need a cable that is thick enough to handle the load of your garage door. But if your cable is too thick, it can impede the door from moving smoothly over your pulley and drums.

    As a note, the higher the gauge on a cable, the thicker it is. You want to find the right gauge and thickness for your specific door. A smaller door doesn’t need as thick of a cable as a larger one.

    Our clients, Llana and Colby bought their first house together last year. As they were doing what all new homeowners do when they move in – making updates and small repairs, they noticed something about their garage door:

    As you can see, the upper panel is damaged so it isn’t level with the rest of the door. Upon further inspection, they realized the previous owners must have done some garage door repairs on their own. Clearly, they didn’t know how to properly install a new garage door opener. The bad installation job for the opener damaged the upper panel.

    Before we arrived, the opener was mounted to the garage with a piece of wood. A big no no! Not only should you use proper materials generally, you can see the result of using just wood to mount and support the opener, on the panels.

    This is what a proper mount should look like:

    Never fear, we arrived to help Llana and Colby out! Thankfully the garage door isn’t a discontinued model, so we were able to replace the upper panel. After that, we re-balanced their garage door. And finally, installed a center style mount, to mount the garage door opener to the door correctly.

    Looking good!

    Broken garage door spring repair is one of the most common repairs we perform. Below is a collection of spring repairs we performed in the last week alone!

    The most common issue is springs that are not the right size to support the weight of the door. This can cause problems, including the opener not working properly and shortening the lifetime of your springs and opener.

    We also recommend a dual spring system for your garage doors, as this helps the springs function properly and your entire system will last longer. Higher upfront cost, but worth it over the life of your springs, opener and garage doors!

    Spring Repair #1

    This customer called because his garage door spring broke. We upgraded his springs and reinforced his garage door.

    We installed a dual spring system, and balanced the garage door. The springs will last longer this way since a dual spring system better supports the weight of the door and allows the opener to function longer.

    Many people don’t upgrade to a dual spring system since it can more expensive up front, but the longevity you get from the system, and the harder impact on your opener with only 1 spring, actually makes it more affordable in the long run!

    We also installed braces to reinforce the garage door and help prevent cracks.

    All of these upgrades help the door function safely!


    Spring Repair #2

    Many houses built by big builders took the easy and cheap route. Most garage doors therefore installed only 1 heavy duty torsion spring in order to save money, without thinking about what is best long term for the garage door’s functioning.

    A double size garage door will function better and last longer with a dual spring system. It will also more effectively balance the door and help the garage door opener work better.

    Don’t forget, the spring carries the weight of the door, which is heavy! If you suspect you have a broken spring, or if you spring looks like it does here, give us a call and we will check it before it’s too late!

    Spring Repair #3

    We received a call from a customer who was having a problem opening his garage door all the way. Each time he tried to open the door, it would only open about 3 feet before stopping.

    We troubleshooted the problem when we got to his house, and eventually understood that the door is too heavy. The door is too heavy because the torsion springs are too small for this specific door.

    We changed the springs, and adjusted the motor and now the door is working like new!

    Our latest project was a doozy! Our client wanted to finally use his garage and be able to access it easily. His old doors did not operate at all, and the doors were wood, and rotted. The job included removing the old rotted doors, reframing the opening, and then installing a new door and opener.

    These are the doors before we got started. It looks PRETTY rough!

    garage door replacement

    Once we removed the old rotting doors, we framed openings for a walk through door, and a new garage door. This not only gave our client access through the garage to park a car and have one side open for working, but also a regular door to access the garage as well.

    Below you can see the doors mid-framing.

    garage door replacement

    And now we have the walk through door installed.

    garage door replacement


    Next step was installing the new garage doors. We also insulated the door, to ensure a comfortable place in extreme temps.

    garage door replacement

    Once everything was in place, our last job was to install a new opener to get this door opening and closing easily! We went with the LiftMaster 8550W opener and it works great! The door comes with some great features, including WiFi so you can control the doors with your smartphone or tablet, and top of the line security features.

    This door went from old and rotting away, to new and high tech!

    Garage door springs are an important part of the proper functioning of your garage doors. Garage door springs help to maintain and to balance the weight of your garage door. The springs and cables work together to open and close your garage door safely. A common emergency call we receive is for broken spring repair. When a spring breaks, your garage door can be hard to open, manually and with your opener. 

    broken spring repair

    Before: Broken springs

    How do I know if my springs are broken?

    Generally you hear a loud “springing” noise when the door is moving. If your spring breaks, and your garage door is closed, it will then be very difficult to open. This makes getting a car parked inside, out, pretty complicated!

    The fix for a broken spring is replacement. We normally recommend replacing all of your springs at once, even if only one is broken. This is the safer choice and ensures that the repair will last you a long time. Sometimes you have springs that aren’t right for your door – either too big or too small. Our repair includes a properly fitting spring. We also recommend converting your spring system to a double spring system. A spring repair will product a door that is easy to lift and one that is well-balanced!

    broken spring repair

    After: all fixed!


    How to Replace Broken Garage Door Springs

    Once you know the correct size for your springs, replacing them is simple. You first want to disengage the motor from the door. After that, you can easily remove and replace the springs. While the steps are simple, the process can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. With broken springs, if you do not handle the door properly, your door can easily come crashing down on your car, property, or a person! Call a professional to safely replace your garage door springs!

    Recommendations For Garage Door Springs 

    As mentioned above, we usually recommend replacing both springs for your door, even if only one is broken. If one spring is already broken, the other one is probably not far behind anyway, and it’s easier and more cost effective to replace both at once.

    Torsion springs usually have a lifespan of 15-20 thousand cycles, or about 10-14 years. This depends on how often you use your door. We recommend having 2 springs over 1, or a “double spring system”. Two springs can be cheaper in the long run as well since you get more life out of your garage door! Ask your tech what makes the most sense for your situation.

    One of the major concerns of homeowners in Sugarland regarding their garage door is the cost of purchase and maintenance. A lot of homeowners do not have sufficient experience when it comes to purchasing a garage door.

    Here are 5 questions that you will need to answer to help you know what to expect regarding your garage door expenses:

    1.       Do I Really Require a New Garage Door?

    This question is quite simple to answer. If your metal garage door is all banged out of shape, track hardware is falling apart or your wood garage door is unsightly, you will need to get a new garage door in Sugarland. However, you may not need to replace your garage door completely. Your garage door may just need a little repair and maintenance. You can reduce your garage door expenses by simply doing a little maintenance costs and repairs yourself.

    2.       What Type of Garage Door Should I Pick?

    One of the factors that determine the cost of a garage door in Sugarland is the materials used in the production of the door. The style of garage door you choose can also have a huge impact on the cost of the garage door. A reliable and reputable Sugarland garage door expert can tell you what garage door style will be suitable for you after taking your budget and personal preference into consideration.

    3.       Is It Possible to Install the Garage Door by Myself?

    Many home improvement centers offer garage doors that are quite easy to install. However, prior to lowering your garage door expenses by choosing to install the door yourself, you will need to get installation instructions from the garage door manufacturer.

    Please Note: If you are not handy at all, it is best to contact a Sugarland garage door expert to install the door.

    4.       What will Be Included in the Total Cost of the Garage Door?

    Clearly, the cost of a garage door in Sugarland will depend on a little more than just the price. A typical garage door replacement often includes new tracks. Ensure that you find out if the quote you were given also includes new tracks.

    5.       Should I Replace the Garage Door Opener?

    You do not need to replace the garage door opener if it is in good working condition. But, you may need to replace it if the new garage door is significantly heavier and your old garage door opener is too weak to handle the additional load.

    If you need to replace your garage door because it no longer works or simply because you want an upgrade, the first thing that you’re probably thinking about is cost. However, when you consider costs, make sure you put quality in the equation as well. What might seem like a good deal can turn out to be a waste of money in the long run – because you want your garage door to last. And – to work.

    Like with all important investments, when shopping for garage doors it’s better to spend some extra money than pay more later. Your garage door will be subjected to intensive use, which is why you need an efficient and durable system.

    Here are some reasons why Sugarland Garage Door professionals strongly advise you to think twice before purchasing a used garage door or one that is made from low quality materials.

    1.  What Looks Like Saving Might Turn into Spending

    Used or discount garage doors are likely to break down easier than a new door. You don’t want your ‘new’ door to get stuck unexpectedly or be forced to call garage door services to repair it every month. A high quality garage door will save you the trouble, and the money you’ll have to pay for repeated repairs. Moreover, a garage door is a heavy piece of machinery which can be hazardous if it doesn’t work properly. For safety reasons, it best to purchase your garage door from a reputable manufacturer.

    2.  Professional Installation May Be Hard to Find

    Installing a garage door is difficult, so you need professional assistance. Improper handling during installation can cause major injuries, therefore it’s highly recommended to leave it in the hands of experts. However, companies offering installation services may decline installing a used or unsafe door for liability concerns. When installing a garage door, professionals are asked to follow and comply with strict safety standards.

    3.  No Warranty

    High quality doors, manufactured by trustworthy companies, come with a warranty. In case something goes wrong, you can always call them to fix things. On the other hand, if you buy a used door or some low-cost item from a no-name distributor, you are on your own. If the door breaks down, you can’t get help from certified specialists.

    To make sure you get what you pay for and to stay on the safe side, it’s best to purchase a new, high quality garage door. Sugarland Garage Door experts can assist you in choosing the right garage door for your home. Contact us today to get the details, and have your door installed in no time.

    Sugarland, TX, Garage DoorAutomated garage doors make the task of getting your car in and out of your garage much easier, but to make the most of your investment and ensure safety, it helps to know exactly what to expect before you purchase a particular type of garage door.

    Here are some of the most important factors, which will help you assess the performance and safety of your garage door. Sugarland Garage Doors recommends you to use them as guidelines when shopping for garage doors for your home.

    1.  Dropping Prevention

    Vertical garage doors run the risk of dropping unexpectedly if something goes wrong with the suspension system, which generally means with the springs. To prevent such an unfortunate event, which might harm you or damage your vehicle, manufacturers are required to test their product and comply with industry safety standards.

    2.  Wind Resistance

    Garage doors protect your car not only against theft, but also from the elements. Strong winds are extremely dangerous, especially if you you have a larger garage door and live in a windy area. Again, it is advisable to check this aspect with the manufacturer before deciding to buy a new garage door.

    3. Proper Balance

    The performance and safety of your garage door also depend on how well it is balanced. The movement of your door is controlled by a brake system which is critical if the door moves uncontrollably. In case of spring failure or other malfunction, this system should automatically stop the movement of the door, preventing accidents.

    4. Design Features and Manipulation Safety

    Manufacturers of garage doors are required to comply with specific safety standards when designing garage doors to prevent potential injuries and damage. To be safe, the design features of the door, such as gaps, should not make door operation difficult or risky.

    5. Garage Door Opener Performance

    Automated garage doors are controlled by door openers. The features of this device are paramount for safety reasons. The door opener needs to be able not only to lift and lower your garage door with one push of the button, but also stop it when necessary to avoid injury or damage. The latest models of automated doors are equipped with reverse systems or sensors which stop the garage door when detecting an obstructing object or human presence.

    By checking these 5 factors with your garage door manufacturer and installer, you will find it easier to assess the performance and safety of your garage door. Sugarland Garage Doors can assist you in choosing the safest garage door for your home, while staying on budget.

    If your garage door is making excess noise when you are opening or closing it, it could just need a simple repair or a little maintenance. The first step in determining the reason behind the noise is figuring out the origin of the sound. Eliminate as much background noises as possible and try to determine the exact part of the garage door that is making the sound. Once you’ve located the source, it will be easier to identify and fix the problem.

    These are the top 5 reasons behind garage door opener noises:

    1.      Automatic Opener

    If the noise is coming from the automatic opener, it may need to be replaced. If it is a newer opener that is still under warranty, you can probably get it fixed or replaced for free. If the opener is older and no longer under warranty, it will usually be more cost-effective to just replace it with an updated model.

    2.      Track Rollers

    Garage door opener noises can come from the track rollers if the bearings have severe wear-and-tear after years of use. Most track rollers have unsealed bearings that vibrate as you are operating the door. If they are not periodically lubricated, the bearings repeatedly rub along the metal tracks, which will deteriorate the original shape of the bearings. You can prevent this from happening by investing in nylon rollers with sealed bearings. They won’t require lubrication and they are quieter than steel bearings.

    3.      Grinding Hinges

    You might hear a grinding sound from your hinges if the holes are stretched out. Hinges need to be tight and secure, otherwise the metal hinge will grind on the metal track every time the door is opened or closed. Make sure to immediately replace any hinges that are damaged. Your hinges may also require a little lubrication if you hear a squeak coming from the hinges.

    4.      Torsion Spring

    If the sound is coming from the torsion spring, you should immediately call a professional. The spring at the top of the opening mechanism is under extreme tension and can cause severe injury or damage. The trained technicians at Sugarland Texas Garage Door will be able to assess and adjust your springs if that is the source of the noise.

    5.      Unbalanced Door

    An unbalanced or unstable garage door will make a lot of excess noise. If the sound is caused by the door shaking when it is opening or closing, it will need to be realigned. If you think your garage door is unbalanced or you can’t diagnosis the problem yourself, please contact Sugarland Texas Garage Door for a free quote.

    If you cannot fix the problem with your garage door on your own, it is always better to determine the cause before contacting a garage door technician. Although the team at Sugarland Texas Garage Door has a solid reputation for honesty and fair pricing, there are some companies that will try to convince you that there is a more expensive reason behind your garage door noise.

    Garage doors can be ordered in several different materials depending on your personal preference and style. Each material has its own benefits and drawbacks, which should be explained to you when you purchase one from a reputable garage door company. Sugarland Texas Garage Doors has summarized the various materials, their advantages, and disadvantages in this article for your reference. If you have any questions on which material is right for your garage door, please do not hesitate to contact any of our knowledgeable installers.

    Here is a brief summary of each option to help you determine which material is right for your garage door:

    Aluminum Garage Doors

    Aluminum doors are usually the most cost-effective option, if price is your first concern. They have some of the same characteristics of steel and can be treated with longer lasting finishes and faux wood texturing. Just keep in mind that aluminum is a lighter material and more likely to dent.

    Steel Garage Doors

    Steel is the most popular material for garage doors, because they are reasonably priced, low maintenance and more durable than aluminum. The durability of the garage door will vary depending on the thickness of the steel. Lower cost steel doors use 28-guage steel, which won’t stand up to forceful impact. Higher quality steel garage doors will use 24-gauge, which is considerably thicker and more durable. You also have more options with a steel garage door, since it can be painted or textured to create any desired finish.

    Fiberglass Garage Doors

    Fiberglass garage doors are not as popular, but they do have some distinct advantages.  They are more resistant to salt-water corrosion, which makes them ideal for coastal locations. Unfortunately, fiberglass is a lighter material and a poor insulator. It can also quickly fade from weather exposure. Fiberglass door panels are usually encased in aluminum frames which can be coated to provide additional protection from the elements.

    Wood Garage Doors

    Garage doors were originally made using wood, and it continues to be a very popular option. Wood is a better insulator than steel, although insulated steel doors will provide better energy conservation. Wood doors are available in various styles in a wide-range of prices. The least expensive choice would be painted wood with flat hardboard panels. Higher-grade, stained wood doors offer the appeal and warmth of natural wood, but they are considerably more expensive. One of the drawbacks of wood garage doors is that they need to be refinished regularly to maintain their appearance.

    Wood Composite Garage Doors

    Composite doors are made from recycled wood fibers and can be stained or painted to suit any home. Composite doors are more resilient than solid wood, especially when it comes to resisting splitting and rotting. They offer the traditional look of wood accompanied with the same strength of steel.

    Once you have chosen the right material for your garage door, please give Sugarland Texas Garage Doors a call for a detailed quote. We have extensive experience installing all types of garage doors.