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    Garage Door Repair

    Our customer, Michael, gave us a call last week because the belt on his garage door opener was clearly falling apart. 

    One of the torsion springs was also broken, and as a result, the garage door opener was carrying part of the weight of the garage door, which then damaged the belt. 

    A very old garage door opener.

    Since his existing garage door opener was already very old, it made sense to go ahead and replace the garage door opener completely. 

    Michael’s garage is detached from his home, and the only exit is the garage door. Instead of installing an emergency lock, we decided to go with a battery backup model garage door opener. In case there is a power outage, Michael will still be able to open the garage door normally. He can use the keypad or a remote control, and the battery backup kicks in to operate the door.

    We installed this brand new LiftMaster 8550 garage door opener with battery backup.

    The LiftMaster 8550 garage door opener includes WiFi capability in addition to the battery backup. The opening is very quiet, with a soft opening and soft closing. The security is upgraded and the garage door opener is maintenance free! 

    Michael is very happy with his new garage door opener and we’re happy we were able to get out to his home quickly to resolve the problem! The LiftMaster 8550 is very popular, so we had a brand new one right on the truck and were able to install same day.

    At least once a week, someone calls our office and says “My garage door is off track, what do I do?”

    The answer: you call us!

    Off track garage doors are best handled by a professional who knows what they are doing. It’s a common issue to happen to garage doors, and the best advice is always to STOP using the garage door, don’t try to fix it and call a professional.

    A garage has the potential to get more off track and fall completely off the track, which is dangerous for you, for your belongings and for anyone else in your home.

    Not only that, continuing to operate your garage door while off track can actually do more damage to your door, hardware and other parts.

    How does a professional fix the garage door when it’s off track?

    Generally it’s as simple as popping your garage door rollers back in place and returning the garage door to the track.

    If you are handy and have worked on your garage door before, and you feel comfortable with all these steps, you can try this before calling us:

    Putting your garage door back on track…

    1. Locate the handle and role that is attached to your garage door.
    2. Ensure your garage door is CLOSED before you touch the handle and rope.
    3. Next, disconnect your garage door from the power source. Next, disconnect your garage door opener.
    4. Your garage door is now in “manual” mode. This will allow you to raise the garage door up until you get the rollers to align. They should align close to where the garage door is off track.
    5. You then grab a clamp or vice grips and secure the door. We generally do this on the track near hte lower part of the garage door.
    6. Now, use another clamp or grip to open the track up. Select an area near to where the rollers went off track.
    7. If the track is wide enough, you can put the rollers back onto the track. You can then use a piece of wood and a soft hammer to close up the opening and straighten the track.
    8. Now you’re ready to remove the clamps and vice grips you placed on the track. Now, close the garage door all the way.

    Once you have completed all the above steps, you can reconnect the garage door and opener.

    Make sure to test the door a few times and ensure it opens and closes properly.

    If you notice the garage door catches or drags in a certain area on the track, you might need to straighten the track more.

    If, after all of this, your garage door is still not working well, CALL US! 

    Investing 10-20 minutes a month in garage door maintenance can make a world of difference for the lifespan of your garage doors.

    This post outlines a few tips to help keep your garage doors working well and spot any potential issues before they blow up!

    Clean your garage doors!

    This is simple to do with a hose and a rag!

    Rinse down your doors and use a rag with warm soapy water to clean inside and out. This is something you can do quarterly as well.

    While you are washing, give it a visual inspection and note any rust or other metal parts that show signs of rust. You can also clean up any cobwebs and other debris you see, including on the tracks.

    Wipe down your tracks with the rag, and ensure you dry it off with a dry rag when you’re done cleaning.

    While remembering to do a few things a month to maintain your garage door sounds like a waste of time, it’s not. Small tasks as outlined in this post can help prevent problems before they become big ones, and can extend the life of your garage door and parts.

    If you take just 10 minutes a month to do the following 4 things, your garage door will be in great condition!

    Clean Annually

    So this isn’t a monthly task, but something that might take 30-60 minutes, once a year.

    Cleaning your garage door includes washing it with soapy water and rinsing it well, both inside and out.

    Give it a thorough visual inspection. If you are maintaining your doors monthly, then anything out of the ordinary should be obvious.

    Check specific areas, including your springs for any rust, and other metal parts for signs of rust. Get rid of cobwebs and other debris you see anywhere, including on the tracks. Wipe down your tracks as well. This can be down with a wet towel. Ensure you dry the tracks when you are done cleaning with a dry rag.

    Lubrication on Garage Doors

    This task is only 2 minutes and very important! Using a silicon or lithium based spray, lubricate the tracks to ensure your garage doors run smoothly along the tracks.

    Do NOT use WD-40! You want a spray that isn’t greasy or too sticky, so that when it dries it’s clean. If it’s sticky, debris and dirt and dust can get stuck onto the areas you’ve lubricated.

    The spray can be used on your tracks, rollers, hinges, locks and springs. Essentially, you want to lubricate any moving part of your garage.

    Check Your Springs

    Although you should be visually inspecting your springs along with the rest of your garage door parts, take an extra moment each month to look at your springs.

    Since the springs are metal, rust is always a concern. Rust can cause your springs to break, which can be a safety hazard if they break while the door is open and you, a loved one or valuable object is underneath.

    Find a garage door company you trust!

    A professional garage door company can perform a thorough yearly maintenance service for you if you don’t want to check your doors each month.

    Whether or not you have maintenance done professionally, it is always a good idea to have a company you trust so you can call if your inspections bring up anything troubling. If you notice your springs have some rust, you can quickly call a professional to inspect them and replace if necessary!

    Oftentimes as well, the tech can quickly perform a visual inspection while out on the call to note any other pressing items.

    Staying on top of your garage door maintenance will allow the garage door and parts to perform optimally and for a long time.

    If you don’t have a professional company you trust – google one! Make sure to find independent, 3rd party review sites to research different options, including Yelp, Facebook and BBB.

    If you are looking for a garage door repair tech in Sugar Land, Texas, there are a few things you should consider before hiring one.

    Figuring out how to pick the best one can feel daunting, but it’s not so hard!

    Tip #1 Look at Reviews

    Most people do this anyway, but don’t skip this process!

    Remember it’s not always about the number of reviews, or even the rating. Look at each individual review. Do you see any common themes, either positive or negative? Remember what kind of job you want done as well – repair or new garage door installation. See if you can find reviews that address these services specifically.

    A great place to start is Yelp and Facebook. Good garage door businesses will solicit reviews from happy customers plus any dissatisfied customers go to these 2 places first when wanting to make a public complaint. You should get some great info, plus Yelp and Facebook take independent reviews seriously, so it’s hard for the business to filter any negative reviews.

    Tip #2 Ensure the company is professional and has the right certifications.

    Any garage door repair business you contact should be able to show that they are licensed, bonded and insured. If they can’t, run away! No company, including garage door companies should never shy away from showing examples of their work, a copy of their license and certification that their employees are also licensed and bonded.

    Remember that garage doors have many complicated moving parts and mechanisms. You don’t want just anybody working on your garage door.

    Tip #3 Compare Service Rates

    This is also great practice for hiring a service professional for any part of your home or life.

    After checking reviews and licenses, narrow down your choices by comparing rates. Generally, rates should be competitive. Finding out what the going rate means getting quotes from at least 2-3 companies. This will give you a sense of what the right amount is to pay for a service, and might help weed out a company that is trying to take advantage of customers.


    If you are in the Sugar Land, Texas consider adding M&L Garage Door to your list. We have great reviews, are happy to show you are licenses and insurance and offer competitive local rates!

    Our customer, Rachel, was pulling out of her garage when this happened when she heard a bang. Not what you want to hear on your way to work. 

    Her garage door wasn’t fully open and she started backing up. Whoops!

    This happens more often than you might think and it’s generally not so bad of a repair job, depending on how fast the car was going when it hit the door. 

    It’s a bit more painful when you have brand new beautiful carriage house style garage doors and you damage them. 

    Panel Replacement

    Lucky for Rachel, the damage was only on the bottom panel of the garage door. Since the door is pretty new, the manufacturer still produces the panels to this non-custom door. 

    We were able to order a new panel direct from her garage door’s manufacturer and when it arrived, we quickly came out to swap out the old panel for the new one.

    Now the panel looks good as new 🙂

    Swapping out a panel in your existing garage door, when there is no damage, is always a great money saving idea. Many of our clients will swap out their top panel with a panel featuring windows. Panel replacement can update the look of your garage, without the expense of purchasing another one.

    Part of this repair included painting the new panel to match the rest of the garage door. Painting your garage door is also a great way to freshen up the look of your exterior without the large expense of a new garage door.

    Rachel’s door has a new panel installed and a fresh coat of paint, and looks great!

    Now Rachel can go back to enjoying her beautiful carriage house style garage doors, complete with a panel of windows and beautiful decorative hardware. She will probably back out very slowly from now on too.


    This was a fun project over at Andy’s house! Andy has a new RV that he wanted to be able to park at his home, in his garage, instead of paying rent at a storage place. 

    He knew the opening of his current garage door was wide enough, just not tall enough, to accommodate his new RV. So he called us! 

    This is what Andy’s garage door looked like before: 

    The first step to this garage conversion was removing the old door and the garage door opener. 

    Then, we reframed the opener from the existing 16 x 7 to the new opening dimensions of 16 x 12. Once that was done, we installed a brand new sectional garage door to fit the new space. 

    We also installed a new LiftMaster Jackshaft garage door opener. These openers are mounted to the wall, instead of the traditional ceiling location. This opener type is generally used for garages that need as much height clearance as possible, so it was the perfect product for Andy’s garage. 

    To help out with the clearance issue, we also installed high lift tracks, instead of traditional tracks, so the door can be lifted as high as possible. These options complement the new garage door opening size and will make getting Andy’s RV in and out much more comfortable. 

    As you can see the new door is taller and looking good! Ready for Andy’s RV.

    The new sectional garage door has windows in the top panel installed, just as in his previous garage door. This is a great upgraded feature to keep the look and feel of the exterior consistent with the old look and also adds great natural light in the garage space.

    Now all that is needed is to paint over the stucco that was part of the remodel and maybe reinstall those beautiful side lights a bit higher up!

    Our customer, Penny, just bought a new house. The house is a fixer upper so she has a lot of projects on her to-do list!

    The first exterior project she wanted to tackle was updating the older garage doors that came with the house. The garage door openers as well were old, noisy and just in need of replacement after many years. 

    The other problem with her garage doors, which is why she wanted to tackle this project first, was that the existing doors are not only rusty, but not insulated. Penny works out in a part of her garage, so she wanted the space to have some temperature control in summer and winter. 

    old rusty uninsulated garage doors

    After putting together a budget, and then looking at her options within her budget for new garage doors and new garage door openers, she decided on these two overhead garage doors. They are 25 gauge doors and include PVC insulation for excellent weather control.

    We also installed two brand new LiftMaster belt drive openers. Not only are these garage door openers much quieter than the old chain drives she had, but they have a battery backup, WiFi abilities so she can open and close the doors from a smartphone app, and settings to ensure the door is secure when she is home and away.

    The new doors are beautiful!

    new 25 gauge insulated garage doors

    Penny also opted for the top panel with windows. Not only does this make the curb appeal stand out, but it adds an element of natural light as well. Penny can have her doors open when she is working out or using the garage, but can also keep them closed without sacrificing natural light inside the garage.

    Penny is very happy with her new garage doors and is working on some more projects inside on her new home!


    Our customer, John, is deployed on active military duty. He wanted to sell his condo while still deployed and had a great realtor helping him out! 

    Unfortunately, someone ran into his garage door and damaged it. You can’t sell a condo with a damaged garage door, so John and his realtor had to scramble to find a professional garage door repair company to handle the damage quickly so they could get the condo on the market ASAP. 

    Thankfully John got in touch with us, and we were able to come out quickly to figure out what needed to be done and get the repair underway. 

    As you can see, the damage to the garage door didn’t look good: 

    condo garage door repair

    No only was the garage door busted on 2 of the 4 panels, the stucco next to the garage was also damaged in the accident. 

    Repair Project

    So we fixed the frame of the garage as well as the stucco. We painted it to match the exterior color. 

    Next up was the garage door repair. It was an option to just buy a new garage door, but that is more expensive than replacing the 2 panels. Since the garage door itself isn’t that old, it not only was in good condition up top, but the garage door is still being manufactured. That means, we were able to quickly order 2 new panels to replace the damaged panels. 

    Once we installed the new panels, we painted them to match the existing door. With a condo, you don’t really get a lot of color options. Since we already had the paint on hand, it was an easy call to paint to match! 

    condo garage door repair

    As you can see, the door looks brand new! And after the quick repair, John’s realtor got it up on the market and sold within 3 weeks!

    Glad we were able to do a job to support our active military. Thank you for your service, John!

    We hear this question a lot- should I hire a professional garage door company for garage door maintenance and repair?

    We are biased, of course, but the answer is yes! And here are 4 reasons why.

    Quality and Guarantee of Work

    A licensed, bonded and insured garage door company knows what they are doing. They will generally guarantee their work and parts so you can’t feel confident knowing if something doesn’t go right, they will correct it.

    Not only do professional companies have their reputation on the line, if they perform bad jobs, their license and insurance will be impacted. So they have an incentive to provide excellent service and quality!

    Sometimes spending money saves you money!

    You use your garage to protect one of your most valuable things: your car! Doing garage door repair jobs yourself or hiring a handyman with no direct garage door experience can harm your vehicle, make your garage more suspectible to intruders, or just cost you more money to fix it down the road due to improper repairs or installations.

    Investing in a garage door system that is installed and recommended by a professional company will cost you much less down the road. It’s also the reason why maintaining your garage door annually is cheaper than only fixing it when it breaks. Maintenance can spot problems before they become bigger, saving yo money and a big headache!

    Professionals Know More!

    Some garage door maintenance tasks you can do on your own – like lubricating your door, or setting up the security features on your opener. But unless you really know what you’re doing, a professional is always best.

    A professional company knows how to install and repair all different garage doors, openers, springs, etc. Some repairs can be dangerous. Garage doors are heavy and if you are changing a spring or installing a new opener, the garage door can fall if not properly secured. At most this can hurt or kill a person in it’s path. At the least, it will damage your door and you’ll need a new one. At this point, you’ll wish you had hired a professional to begin with!

    Professionals also have access to the specific parts you need if you have a repair!

    Emergency Services

    Another great thing about professional companies – many of them offer 24/7 or emergency services. Garage door accidents often happen outside of Monday to Friday, 9-5 hours. Waiting on a repair from a handyman or trying to figure it out yourself can cost you time and frustration.

    If those reasons aren’t enought to convince you to hire a professional, give us a call to ask us a question!


    Our client, Peter and his wife, bought a new home. Their goal was to remodel it and then sell it for a profit. 

    One of their bigger projects for the exterior of the home was replacing the garage door and the entire garage door system. 

    The door when they purchased the home was made of wood and had not been properly maintained. It was falling apart and was beyond repair. 

    Old Wood Garage Door

    old wood garage door old wood garage door

    When we came out for the first inspection, we also noticed that the wood frame needed some work and needed to be resized since the current opening was not a standard size for any garage door on the market. 

    So adjusted the frame of the garage in preparation of the new garage door installation. Peter ended up choosing a 25 gauge steel garage door made of steel from UDT. The door is durable, inexpensive and a great choice for any garage, especially once for a flip!

    Here is the door newly installed from the outside and inside:

    new single car garage door installation  new single car garage door installation

    Notice there is only 1 spring installed. A 1 car garage door never needs 2 springs, though we recommend 2 springs for any 2 car garage, as a general rule.

    After these pictures were taken, we also installed a brand new LiftMaster garage door opener to complete the project. Now the garage door can be accessed easily from a remote or smartphone and creates a secure garage door space.