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    Garage Door Springs

    This repair is on a broken torque master spring system by Wayne Dalton.

    As you can see there is a cracked panel in the door as well.

    We worked on replacing the spring system with a new standard torsion spring system.

    We have found that the torque master systems typically fail after a few years in use. The standard torsion springs systems last many years.

    Another negative to the Wayne Dalton systems is that their components are mostly plastic. With extreme temperatures and extended use, plastic parts can break more often or wear more quickly.

    Our replacement spring systems are installed with metallic parts, helping them to last longer and function better.

    Below are some before and after pictures of the cracked panels and spring system changes.



    We also added a strut to reinforce the cracked panel. This isn’t a permanent fix long term, but helps prevent further breakage and will allow the door to work and function as it should.

    We recently got a call from this rental property owner about a broken garage door at one of his rental properties. He generally likes to fix things himself, which he did here. Except instead of fixing it, he made the problem worse. Thankfully, he decided to call M&L Garage Door Repair to help him out! 

    Instead of using screws to hold the hinges, he used plastic strips, as you can see below. 

    One of the garage door cables also wrapped around the shaft, so the door was no longer level. 

    During our inspection and cable and hinge repair, we also went ahead and replaced the garage door springs as well. The springs were old and weak.

    We balanced the garage door, as well as leveled it. We also used proper screws on the hinges to repair that damage.

    You can see what a difference some cable repair and some screws make! 

    Garage Door Safety for Rental Properties

    Garage door safety is important, especially if you are a landlord. Ensuring your garage door operates safely for tenants is good practice, and can save you money and other troubles down the line. You open yourself up to liability with your renters if you don’t properly address and fix problems around your house, including your garage door.

    While a rental property is an investment, and you want to save as much as you can in repair work that you think you can do yourself, it’s sometimes necessary and advised to call a professional garage door company to handle the big jobs. At the very least, consider having an annual inspection of your garage door by a professional company to ensure things are operating smoothly and safely.

    If you are a landlord in the Sugar Land, Texas community looking for a 5 star garage door repair company, look no further! Give M&L Garage Door a call today! 832-532-3032

    Our customer called us recently because his garage door, as you can see below, is only opening part of the way. Frustrating to say the least. Thankfully we were able to come out on the same day and fix the problem!

    When we arrived, this is what happened anytime he or we clicked the garage door remote and tried opening the door. You see how it gets stuck when it gets about half way up.



    The first step is always troubleshooting when a garage door isn’t behaving properly. We eventually landed on the garage door being too heavy for the opener to open and close it properly.

    Why was the door too heavy?

    The torsion springs that were installed on the door were too small. The size of your garage door springs is important in ensuring your garage door opener can handle the weight of your door. Too big or too small springs can have a negative impact.

    In the video below, you’ll see how the garage door opens now after we installed the right sized springs. The door opens all the way smoothly and easily. In the last part of the video, our tech is ensuring the door is opening properly both automatically and manually to catch any issues before leaving.


    We not only installed new springs that are the right size, but we installed 2. A dual spring system is what we recommend all the time. It has a higher upfront cost but in the long run, you get more life out of your springs and your opener. 1 spring just doesn’t do the job when it comes to carrying the weight of your door and working well with your opener.

    The customers were happy that their garage door finally opened and closed easily. A quick afternoon repair and one more happy customer!

    Broken garage door spring repair is one of the most common repairs we perform. Below is a collection of spring repairs we performed in the last week alone!

    The most common issue is springs that are not the right size to support the weight of the door. This can cause problems, including the opener not working properly and shortening the lifetime of your springs and opener.

    We also recommend a dual spring system for your garage doors, as this helps the springs function properly and your entire system will last longer. Higher upfront cost, but worth it over the life of your springs, opener and garage doors!

    Spring Repair #1

    This customer called because his garage door spring broke. We upgraded his springs and reinforced his garage door.

    We installed a dual spring system, and balanced the garage door. The springs will last longer this way since a dual spring system better supports the weight of the door and allows the opener to function longer.

    Many people don’t upgrade to a dual spring system since it can more expensive up front, but the longevity you get from the system, and the harder impact on your opener with only 1 spring, actually makes it more affordable in the long run!

    We also installed braces to reinforce the garage door and help prevent cracks.

    All of these upgrades help the door function safely!


    Spring Repair #2

    Many houses built by big builders took the easy and cheap route. Most garage doors therefore installed only 1 heavy duty torsion spring in order to save money, without thinking about what is best long term for the garage door’s functioning.

    A double size garage door will function better and last longer with a dual spring system. It will also more effectively balance the door and help the garage door opener work better.

    Don’t forget, the spring carries the weight of the door, which is heavy! If you suspect you have a broken spring, or if you spring looks like it does here, give us a call and we will check it before it’s too late!

    Spring Repair #3

    We received a call from a customer who was having a problem opening his garage door all the way. Each time he tried to open the door, it would only open about 3 feet before stopping.

    We troubleshooted the problem when we got to his house, and eventually understood that the door is too heavy. The door is too heavy because the torsion springs are too small for this specific door.

    We changed the springs, and adjusted the motor and now the door is working like new!

    Garage door springs are an important part of the proper functioning of your garage doors. Garage door springs help to maintain and to balance the weight of your garage door. The springs and cables work together to open and close your garage door safely. A common emergency call we receive is for broken spring repair. When a spring breaks, your garage door can be hard to open, manually and with your opener. 

    broken spring repair

    Before: Broken springs

    How do I know if my springs are broken?

    Generally you hear a loud “springing” noise when the door is moving. If your spring breaks, and your garage door is closed, it will then be very difficult to open. This makes getting a car parked inside, out, pretty complicated!

    The fix for a broken spring is replacement. We normally recommend replacing all of your springs at once, even if only one is broken. This is the safer choice and ensures that the repair will last you a long time. Sometimes you have springs that aren’t right for your door – either too big or too small. Our repair includes a properly fitting spring. We also recommend converting your spring system to a double spring system. A spring repair will product a door that is easy to lift and one that is well-balanced!

    broken spring repair

    After: all fixed!


    How to Replace Broken Garage Door Springs

    Once you know the correct size for your springs, replacing them is simple. You first want to disengage the motor from the door. After that, you can easily remove and replace the springs. While the steps are simple, the process can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. With broken springs, if you do not handle the door properly, your door can easily come crashing down on your car, property, or a person! Call a professional to safely replace your garage door springs!

    Recommendations For Garage Door Springs 

    As mentioned above, we usually recommend replacing both springs for your door, even if only one is broken. If one spring is already broken, the other one is probably not far behind anyway, and it’s easier and more cost effective to replace both at once.

    Torsion springs usually have a lifespan of 15-20 thousand cycles, or about 10-14 years. This depends on how often you use your door. We recommend having 2 springs over 1, or a “double spring system”. Two springs can be cheaper in the long run as well since you get more life out of your garage door! Ask your tech what makes the most sense for your situation.