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    If you are looking for a garage door repair tech in Sugar Land, Texas, there are a few things you should consider before hiring one.

    Figuring out how to pick the best one can feel daunting, but it’s not so hard!

    Tip #1 Look at Reviews

    Most people do this anyway, but don’t skip this process!

    Remember it’s not always about the number of reviews, or even the rating. Look at each individual review. Do you see any common themes, either positive or negative? Remember what kind of job you want done as well – repair or new garage door installation. See if you can find reviews that address these services specifically.

    A great place to start is Yelp and Facebook. Good garage door businesses will solicit reviews from happy customers plus any dissatisfied customers go to these 2 places first when wanting to make a public complaint. You should get some great info, plus Yelp and Facebook take independent reviews seriously, so it’s hard for the business to filter any negative reviews.

    Tip #2 Ensure the company is professional and has the right certifications.

    Any garage door repair business you contact should be able to show that they are licensed, bonded and insured. If they can’t, run away! No company, including garage door companies should never shy away from showing examples of their work, a copy of their license and certification that their employees are also licensed and bonded.

    Remember that garage doors have many complicated moving parts and mechanisms. You don’t want just anybody working on your garage door.

    Tip #3 Compare Service Rates

    This is also great practice for hiring a service professional for any part of your home or life.

    After checking reviews and licenses, narrow down your choices by comparing rates. Generally, rates should be competitive. Finding out what the going rate means getting quotes from at least 2-3 companies. This will give you a sense of what the right amount is to pay for a service, and might help weed out a company that is trying to take advantage of customers.


    If you are in the Sugar Land, Texas consider adding M&L Garage Door to your list. We have great reviews, are happy to show you are licenses and insurance and offer competitive local rates!

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