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    Our customer, Gene, called us up wanting to install a new garage door on the shed he built on his property in Sugar Land, Texas over 3 years ago. He just hadn’t gotten around to it, but now he was ready! 

    Any non-residential garage door project is always a fun one! So many unique factors to each job and it generally means we get to play with bigger tools! 

    His shed opening measured 16×11, so we were tasked with finding a basic commercial roll-up garage door to fit the space and specs. We found one that met Gene’s wishes, and put in the order. 

    One of the main reasons Gene finally wanted to install the door was because of critters! They kept getting in and setting up shop in his shed. Gene was tired of it! We don’t blame him. 

    Below, Gene’s shed. Isn’t it beautiful? Gene built it himself and it’s a great space to store all of his property’s equipment.

    On installation day, we brought out the huge door on this truck. This is where the fun began!

    And then got to use the big tools to get the door from the truck to the shed opening for installation. We were in heaven!

    After that it was all about hard work getting the door in place and set up with the garage door system, including an opener, tracks, etc. We got this all done in one day once the garage door manufacturer delivered the door!

    Below you can see the installed commercial roll-up garage door from the inside and outside view.

    The door is metal, which is great for long term durability and perfect for this commercial, outdoor shed setup.

    commercial roll-up garage door 

    Now there are no more critters! Gene is happy about that and about how the shed project is now finally complete and looking good!

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