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    One of the bedrocks of your garage door functioning properly are your garage door springs. If they are broken, worn, or not the right size, lose their tension, it can cause serious problems. A malfunctioning spring means your doors can slip off their tracks, or close down hard if the spring snaps. You do NOT want this to happen as it can cause damage to you, a family member, or your car.

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    Garage Door Spring Evaluation and Repair

    If you know or believe you have a spring issue, or you are interested in a general and routine garage door maintenance inspection, the techs at M&L Garage Door can help! We are highly trained in evaluating the repairing any issue with your springs.

    In addition to a spring repair or replacement, we will balance your garage door afterwards to make sure things are working as they should. If you have lower quality springs installed, this can affect the balance of your entire door. That is because the tension required to properly open and close your door doesn’t exist with ill fitting springs. We also include hinges and opener lubrication as part of the repair!

    Spring Replacement Recommendations

    We recommend replacing both of your springs during any spring replacement service to ensure proper functioning and getting longer life out of your springs. We often see springs that are too small or too large for the door. We carry a wide variety of sizes, so we can generally repair your springs on the spot with a properly sized and fitted spring.

    Quality Springs

    We carry and install only american made steel springs, the highest quality on the market. Steel springs are both stronger than other metal springs, but last the longest. We don’t short change our customers – we repair issues not so we can come back soon to repair more, but so the repair will last you as long as possible!

    We know there are many garage door companies to choose for. We invite you to call M&L Garage Door Repair today! We provide quality, professional and affordable services.

    Contact us 24/7 for your garage door spring needs! 

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