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    We hear this question a lot- should I hire a professional garage door company for garage door maintenance and repair?

    We are biased, of course, but the answer is yes! And here are 4 reasons why.

    Quality and Guarantee of Work

    A licensed, bonded and insured garage door company knows what they are doing. They will generally guarantee their work and parts so you can’t feel confident knowing if something doesn’t go right, they will correct it.

    Not only do professional companies have their reputation on the line, if they perform bad jobs, their license and insurance will be impacted. So they have an incentive to provide excellent service and quality!

    Sometimes spending money saves you money!

    You use your garage to protect one of your most valuable things: your car! Doing garage door repair jobs yourself or hiring a handyman with no direct garage door experience can harm your vehicle, make your garage more suspectible to intruders, or just cost you more money to fix it down the road due to improper repairs or installations.

    Investing in a garage door system that is installed and recommended by a professional company will cost you much less down the road. It’s also the reason why maintaining your garage door annually is cheaper than only fixing it when it breaks. Maintenance can spot problems before they become bigger, saving yo money and a big headache!

    Professionals Know More!

    Some garage door maintenance tasks you can do on your own – like lubricating your door, or setting up the security features on your opener. But unless you really know what you’re doing, a professional is always best.

    A professional company knows how to install and repair all different garage doors, openers, springs, etc. Some repairs can be dangerous. Garage doors are heavy and if you are changing a spring or installing a new opener, the garage door can fall if not properly secured. At most this can hurt or kill a person in it’s path. At the least, it will damage your door and you’ll need a new one. At this point, you’ll wish you had hired a professional to begin with!

    Professionals also have access to the specific parts you need if you have a repair!

    Emergency Services

    Another great thing about professional companies – many of them offer 24/7 or emergency services. Garage door accidents often happen outside of Monday to Friday, 9-5 hours. Waiting on a repair from a handyman or trying to figure it out yourself can cost you time and frustration.

    If those reasons aren’t enought to convince you to hire a professional, give us a call to ask us a question!


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