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    Our customer, Michael, gave us a call last week because the belt on his garage door opener was clearly falling apart. 

    One of the torsion springs was also broken, and as a result, the garage door opener was carrying part of the weight of the garage door, which then damaged the belt. 

    A very old garage door opener.

    Since his existing garage door opener was already very old, it made sense to go ahead and replace the garage door opener completely. 

    Michael’s garage is detached from his home, and the only exit is the garage door. Instead of installing an emergency lock, we decided to go with a battery backup model garage door opener. In case there is a power outage, Michael will still be able to open the garage door normally. He can use the keypad or a remote control, and the battery backup kicks in to operate the door.

    We installed this brand new LiftMaster 8550 garage door opener with battery backup.

    The LiftMaster 8550 garage door opener includes WiFi capability in addition to the battery backup. The opening is very quiet, with a soft opening and soft closing. The security is upgraded and the garage door opener is maintenance free! 

    Michael is very happy with his new garage door opener and we’re happy we were able to get out to his home quickly to resolve the problem! The LiftMaster 8550 is very popular, so we had a brand new one right on the truck and were able to install same day.

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