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    Our customers, Amy and Melvin, were in need of two new garage doors – one two car garage door and one one car garage door. 

    Their old garage doors had several cracks (dangerous!) and were just not operable. 

    Since they needed to purchase brand new doors, as repairing their existing doors wasn’t an option, they decided to get an upgrade!

    Amy and Melvin wanted a class, carriage house style garage door look. They ultimately chose these beautiful carriage style metal garage doors.

    carriage style metal garage doors in walnut finish

    Amy and Melvin chose a walnut finish. Not only is it beautiful, it really offers a nice contrast with their lighter color home. It also is a big change in curb appeal for their home!

    The homeowners also chose some decorative hardware to accent the doors. Very traditional and beautiful!

    The garage doors are steel backed and insulated, which is perfect for the hot Texas summers. Insulated garage doors can help lower a home’s utility bills when the garage is attached to the home. The insulation also helps in a two story home, helping to keep the room or rooms above the garage cooler.

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