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    At least once a week, someone calls our office and says “My garage door is off track, what do I do?”

    The answer: you call us!

    Off track garage doors are best handled by a professional who knows what they are doing. It’s a common issue to happen to garage doors, and the best advice is always to STOP using the garage door, don’t try to fix it and call a professional.

    A garage has the potential to get more off track and fall completely off the track, which is dangerous for you, for your belongings and for anyone else in your home.

    Not only that, continuing to operate your garage door while off track can actually do more damage to your door, hardware and other parts.

    How does a professional fix the garage door when it’s off track?

    Generally it’s as simple as popping your garage door rollers back in place and returning the garage door to the track.

    If you are handy and have worked on your garage door before, and you feel comfortable with all these steps, you can try this before calling us:

    Putting your garage door back on track…

    1. Locate the handle and role that is attached to your garage door.
    2. Ensure your garage door is CLOSED before you touch the handle and rope.
    3. Next, disconnect your garage door from the power source. Next, disconnect your garage door opener.
    4. Your garage door is now in “manual” mode. This will allow you to raise the garage door up until you get the rollers to align. They should align close to where the garage door is off track.
    5. You then grab a clamp or vice grips and secure the door. We generally do this on the track near hte lower part of the garage door.
    6. Now, use another clamp or grip to open the track up. Select an area near to where the rollers went off track.
    7. If the track is wide enough, you can put the rollers back onto the track. You can then use a piece of wood and a soft hammer to close up the opening and straighten the track.
    8. Now you’re ready to remove the clamps and vice grips you placed on the track. Now, close the garage door all the way.

    Once you have completed all the above steps, you can reconnect the garage door and opener.

    Make sure to test the door a few times and ensure it opens and closes properly.

    If you notice the garage door catches or drags in a certain area on the track, you might need to straighten the track more.

    If, after all of this, your garage door is still not working well, CALL US! 

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