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    There are a lot of types of garage door openers on the market, and several different decisions will need to be made before you choose one for your home. The type of garage door opener you pick will depend on the size of your garage door, the frequency of use, the type of access you prefer, and the security features you need.

    This article will discuss the things you need to consider, and all of your available options. If you are unsure about any of the following components, please do not hesitate to contact any of the experienced garage door installers at Sugarland Texas Garage Door.

    Garage Door Openers

    Here are six things to consider before buying a garage door opener:

    1.     Size of Your Door

    A typical garage door is 7’ tall and a standard opener can only accommodate doors that are up to 7’6” tall. Anything higher than that will require a garage door opener extension kit. Sugarland Texas Garage Door specializes in custom-sized garage doors and openers, if your door is too big for a standard opener.

    2.     Battery Backup Function

    It is best to find a garage door opener that has a battery backup if you live in an area of Sugarland, Texas, that usually experiences power outages. It is not a standard feature, so you will have to check to make sure that it is included with each model you consider.

    3.     Type of Entry System

    Today’s garage door openers offer you a variety of different entry systems. There are standard wall-mounted control panels, keyless entry pads, remote access, and even fingerprint access pads.

    4.     Type of Drive System

    There are three basic types of drives for garage door openers. There is a chain-drive, screw-drive, and belt-drive. Chain-drive is the oldest version and usually the most affordable. Screw-drives are slightly more expensive, but require little maintenance. A belt-drive is just like a chain-drive except it uses a rubber belt. It is also the most expensive version.

    5.     Safety & Security Features

    All modern garage doors are required to have a reversing mechanism for safety reasons, but there are other optional safety and security features. The door should also have manual emergency release and an override function in case of an emergency. The entry system should also have a rolling code feature to make it harder for criminals to crack the security code.

    6.     How Much Horsepower?

    A typical two-car garage door should be fine with a standard 1/2-horsepower garage door opener. A 3/4-horsepower model is a better choice for heavier carriage-style garage doors, especially if they will be used often.

    Please feel free to contact anyone on the Sugarland Garage Door team if you have any questions about buying a garage door opener. Our trained experts will be more than happy to answer any of your questions or concerns.

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