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    Whether you need your current garage door opener inspected or repaired, or you are looking to replace your opener with something new, M&L Garage Door Repair can do it! We specialize in a wide variety of garage door maintenance tasks, including a FREE inspection of your current opener, plan for repair, help in choosing a new opener, as well as garage door opener installation.

    We are able to service any garage door opener you have and we work with all the top brands of openers. Our skilled technicians can easily evaluate and diagnose any issues you are having with your opener and will get it repaired quickly!  We have extensive experience with these top brands, and more:

    • Genie
    • Craftsman
    • LiftMaster

    We carry parts for all major brands, so repairs to your opener often happen on the spot, and quickly! Our repair and maintenance skills include:

    • Replacing broken parts original to your opener.
    • Installing new opener parts.
    • Repair for all openers.
    • Chain repair.
    • Screw drive repair.
    • Belt repair.
    • Shaft opener repair.

    We are also happy to discuss your opener needs with you.

    Chain drive openers are great for those on a budget and a perfect choice for basic structures, like your home.

    Screw drive openers are much quieter than chain openers, and require less maintenance, but cost a bit more.

    Belt openers are the quietest of the 3, and are a good choice if your garage door is directly underneath your bedroom to keep the noise and vibration in your house to a minimum.

    Shaft openers are very quiet, powerful and tiny, so they are great when you need to save space or are short on space. You can use your overhead space not to house your opener, but for storage! If you are in the market for a new opener, but not sure which one suits your needs best, give us a call. We offer a free complimentary inspection and evaluation and can figure out what will be your perfect match!

    Popular Garage Door Openers

    While we install any opener on the market, our most popular models include:

    1. LiftMaster 3240
    2. LiftMaster 8065
    3. Elite Series 8587W
    4. LiftMaster 8355
    5. LiftMaster 8500
    6. Genie 3020
    7. LiftMaster 8550W

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