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    If you need to replace your garage door because it no longer works or simply because you want an upgrade, the first thing that you’re probably thinking about is cost. However, when you consider costs, make sure you put quality in the equation as well. What might seem like a good deal can turn out to be a waste of money in the long run – because you want your garage door to last. And – to work.

    Like with all important investments, when shopping for garage doors it’s better to spend some extra money than pay more later. Your garage door will be subjected to intensive use, which is why you need an efficient and durable system.

    Here are some reasons why Sugarland Garage Door professionals strongly advise you to think twice before purchasing a used garage door or one that is made from low quality materials.

    1.  What Looks Like Saving Might Turn into Spending

    Used or discount garage doors are likely to break down easier than a new door. You don’t want your ‘new’ door to get stuck unexpectedly or be forced to call garage door services to repair it every month. A high quality garage door will save you the trouble, and the money you’ll have to pay for repeated repairs. Moreover, a garage door is a heavy piece of machinery which can be hazardous if it doesn’t work properly. For safety reasons, it best to purchase your garage door from a reputable manufacturer.

    2.  Professional Installation May Be Hard to Find

    Installing a garage door is difficult, so you need professional assistance. Improper handling during installation can cause major injuries, therefore it’s highly recommended to leave it in the hands of experts. However, companies offering installation services may decline installing a used or unsafe door for liability concerns. When installing a garage door, professionals are asked to follow and comply with strict safety standards.

    3.  No Warranty

    High quality doors, manufactured by trustworthy companies, come with a warranty. In case something goes wrong, you can always call them to fix things. On the other hand, if you buy a used door or some low-cost item from a no-name distributor, you are on your own. If the door breaks down, you can’t get help from certified specialists.

    To make sure you get what you pay for and to stay on the safe side, it’s best to purchase a new, high quality garage door. Sugarland Garage Door experts can assist you in choosing the right garage door for your home. Contact us today to get the details, and have your door installed in no time.

    If your garage door is making excess noise when you are opening or closing it, it could just need a simple repair or a little maintenance. The first step in determining the reason behind the noise is figuring out the origin of the sound. Eliminate as much background noises as possible and try to determine the exact part of the garage door that is making the sound. Once you’ve located the source, it will be easier to identify and fix the problem.

    These are the top 5 reasons behind garage door opener noises:

    1.      Automatic Opener

    If the noise is coming from the automatic opener, it may need to be replaced. If it is a newer opener that is still under warranty, you can probably get it fixed or replaced for free. If the opener is older and no longer under warranty, it will usually be more cost-effective to just replace it with an updated model.

    2.      Track Rollers

    Garage door opener noises can come from the track rollers if the bearings have severe wear-and-tear after years of use. Most track rollers have unsealed bearings that vibrate as you are operating the door. If they are not periodically lubricated, the bearings repeatedly rub along the metal tracks, which will deteriorate the original shape of the bearings. You can prevent this from happening by investing in nylon rollers with sealed bearings. They won’t require lubrication and they are quieter than steel bearings.

    3.      Grinding Hinges

    You might hear a grinding sound from your hinges if the holes are stretched out. Hinges need to be tight and secure, otherwise the metal hinge will grind on the metal track every time the door is opened or closed. Make sure to immediately replace any hinges that are damaged. Your hinges may also require a little lubrication if you hear a squeak coming from the hinges.

    4.      Torsion Spring

    If the sound is coming from the torsion spring, you should immediately call a professional. The spring at the top of the opening mechanism is under extreme tension and can cause severe injury or damage. The trained technicians at Sugarland Texas Garage Door will be able to assess and adjust your springs if that is the source of the noise.

    5.      Unbalanced Door

    An unbalanced or unstable garage door will make a lot of excess noise. If the sound is caused by the door shaking when it is opening or closing, it will need to be realigned. If you think your garage door is unbalanced or you can’t diagnosis the problem yourself, please contact Sugarland Texas Garage Door for a free quote.

    If you cannot fix the problem with your garage door on your own, it is always better to determine the cause before contacting a garage door technician. Although the team at Sugarland Texas Garage Door has a solid reputation for honesty and fair pricing, there are some companies that will try to convince you that there is a more expensive reason behind your garage door noise.

    The internet is full of advertisements for local garage door fitters and all of them claim to be the best in the business. Unfortunately many of them are not worth the money. That’s why it is important to research all of your options to ensure the company you choose is capable and trustworthy.

    Here are a few important attributes you should look for in a garage door company:

    A Wide Selection of Options: There is an extensive selection of brands, materials, and automatic openers on the market.  Look for a garage door company that carries a variety of modern options like wood composite doors. It is important to find a garage door that suits your home’s unique style and purpose. That’s why Sugarland Texas Garage Door specializes in custom-made garage doors.

    Competitive Pricing: Most reliable garage door companies will offer customers a free consultation and estimate. Gather quotes from several different companies and make sure they are all comparable. It is always wise to disregard any estimates that stray from the typical price range, especially if they are priced drastically lower.

    Around the Clock Service: Most professional garage door companies will offer clients 24-hour emergency service because they know garage door malfunctions can happen at any time. Your door could get stuck in the tracks and it’s not a good idea to leave it open overnight, especially if you store your valuables in the garage.

    Expertise and Experience: Research a few articles on the company’s blog to see if they offer accurate and useful information on garage door safety, security, and maintenance. You can also test their knowledge on the phone by asking questions about your garage door options. Conduct some preliminary research on the benefits of various garage door materials or different types of automatic openers and then ask the installer what type they would suggest based on your needs. Don’t trust installers that automatically recommend the most expensive option. 

    Positive Online Reputation: The most important step in choosing a reliable garage door company is to read their online reviews and testimonials. If a garage door company doesn’t have any online reviews or ratings, ask them for testimonials from past clients.

    The most important things to look for in a garage door company are a wide-selection of options, competitive pricing, around the clock service, expertise, experience, and a positive online reputation. Sugarland Texas Garage Doors encourages homeowners to research their options, so they can make an informed choice.

    There are so many different garage door companies in Sugar Land, Texas, which makes it difficult to decide what company will provide you with the greatest value. An automatic garage door opener is a major investment in your home and it will require some initial research.

    Here are a few things to look for when selecting a garage door company:

    1.     Reliable Support Services

    Check to make sure the garage door company has 24-hour emergency support services. You may not think that you could have emergencies with your automatic garage door, but it does happen and you will need a responsive and reliable vendor you can count on.

    Maybe it is late at night and your garage door won’t close all the way. You can’t take the chance of leaving the door open all night, especially if your garage is filled with valuables. Fortunately, there are companies like Sugarland Texas Garage Door that will be there for you whenever you need them.

    2.     Reputation and Stability

    Make sure to look for garage door vendors that have a good reputation in the Sugar Land community. You can talk to neighbors or family about the company they used and whether or not they would use them again. Make sure the garage door vendor you pick is experienced, licensed, and insured. They should also be willing to offer references from past clients.

    3.     Experienced Technicians

    Don’t be afraid to ask about how much training and experience the installers have before you choose a garage door company. Installing an automatic garage door is a complex project and many things can go wrong if it is not done by a professional. The company you select should be willing to supply ample evidence that their team is qualified for the job.

    4.     Ask Tough Questions

    Ask specific questions about ensuring garage door safety and their installation procedures. You can tell whether or not a supplier is knowledgeable by the speed and certainty of their answers. Do a little research first so you know the answer that they should give, and be leery of anyone whose answers don’t match your own research.

    Choosing a garage door installation company in Sugar Land, Texas, doesn’t have to be difficult. Take the time to investigate all of your options, make sure they have emergency support services, a solid reputation in the community, experienced and trained technicians, and that they are knowledgeable about garage door safety and installation. If they meet these criteria, you can feel confident that your garage door will be installed safely and securely.

    Automatic Sugarland, TX, Garage DoorGarage doors are a popular project on a homeowner’s to-do list. That is because a garage door can increase the value, appearance, and cost-effectiveness of a home for less money than many other home improvement projects. If you are looking at renovating your garage, you may be wondering if you should purchase a manual or automatic Sugarland, TX, garage door.

    Similar Appearance

    When it comes to appearance, there is no difference between these two garage door types. If someone is standing on the sidewalk, they won’t know whether you have a manual garage door unless you open it while they are there. If you are looking at selling your home, however, you may want to consider purchasing an automatic Sugarland, TX, garage door to make your property more appealing to buyers.

    Security Options

    When it comes to security, both doors have advantages. While it is true that you have to get out of your car to open a manual garage door, you can install bolts or other security features that aren’t viable with an automatic Sugarland, TX, garage door. This decision is based on the preference of the homeowner and depends on how they will feel safest in their home.

    Installation Considerations

    It is easier to install a manual garage door, and can be considered a preferable DIY project. Automatic Sugarland, TX, garage doors can be difficult for homeowners to install on their own. Automatic garage doors are also more expensive, so if you are on a tight budget, you may want to consider a manual garage door.

    Maintenance Needs

    Automatic Sugarland, TX, garage doors require more maintenance and have more instances where they need repairs. There are more parts, therefore more chances that something can go wrong. If you are looking for home improvement projects that help make your home easier to maintain, you may not want to purchase an automatic garage door.

    Automatic Sugarland, TX, garage doors offer convenience and can be made more secure by purchasing certain safety features. While they can be more expensive to purchase and maintain, they add value to a home, especially if a homeowner is looking to sell their property now or in the future. When considering a project such as garage door replacement, you should look at your budget and your future needs. While a manual door may be a viable solution now, it may be inconvenient in the future. In order to receive the best return on a home improvement project, owners need to think long term.

    Sugarland, TX, Garage DoorHome renovations are an expensive undertaking and it is important to save money when you can. Reducing costs and purchasing discount products doesn’t always amount to the same thing. If you try to save money by purchasing a discount Sugarland, TX, garage door you may end up spending more in the long run.


    A Sugarland, TX, garage door can cost anywhere from $300 to $3,000 dollars. That same door, however, can also last over fifteen years and often lasts even longer. When you purchase a quality garage door, you receive a return on your investment because you don’t have to replace the door for a long time. If you purchase a discount garage door, you may not receive the same value.


    Another reason why a discount Sugarland, TX, garage door may not save you money is because it may cost more to maintain. A quality door is quiet, efficient, and often low-maintenance. If you consistently have to lubricate and rebalance your discount garage door, you are spending more money over a period of time.


    And if that discount Sugarland, TX, garage door breaks, the repair may not be under warranty. Discounted items rarely come with a warranty and often need repair. The money you saved with your initial investment won’t compensate for the repair costs.


    There is also the issue of safety. A discount Sugarland, TX, garage door may not come with all of the safety features that are standard with a quality garage door. If you have a family, you may be taking the risk that they could get hurt if the door breaks or falls.

    Saving money is good, but sacrificing quality for a lower price isn’t always beneficial. A Sugarland, TX, garage door is an investment that offers a homeowner returns in many different ways. A quality garage door improves the overall value of the home, can help save money on energy costs, and can help make a home more secure. If you are considering purchasing a discount garage door, you may instead want to look at ways to obtain a better quality door that fits in your budget and can help you save money with less maintenance, fewer repairs, and a longer life span. That is the best way for you to really save money when you are looking to replace a garage door.


    Garage doors are a common entry point for burglars. They are considered a week point, and often go unnoticed if they are open or there is an unfamiliar vehicle inside. Protect your family and your belongings with these 6 security tips for Sugarland, TX, garage doors.

    1. Keep It Bright

    Purchase spotlights and make sure that they illuminate the area around your Sugarland, TX, garage door. Lights that are motion-activated will alert you if someone comes onto your property and tries to approach the garage.

    2. Keep It Secure

    Purchase a security system and make sure that both the main Sugarland, TX, garage door as well as the door entering the house are monitored.

    3. Keep It Tight

    Make sure that you have a deadbolt on the door that connects between the garage and the home. You want to keep this door locked, especially when you are not at home. You may also want to install a peep hole with a wide-angle lens so your family can see inside the garage before they enter.

    4. Keep It Closed

    Don’t leave the garage door open, especially if you are away. Even if you are home, leaving the door open will give passersby an opportunity to take note of your belongings. If you keep expensive items in your garage, there is a good chance you have even better stuff inside your home. Don’t tempt people to break into your home or identify you as a prime target.

    5. Keep It Modern

    With older automatic garage doors, thieves have found ways to determine the code and open the door. Modern garage door openers have managed to create a code that is difficult to break. If you own an older-style automatic Sugarland, TX, garage door, you will want to upgrade it for a newer one that is more secure.

    6. Keep It With You

    New Sugarland, TX garage doors offer you a keychain door opener instead of the older style door remote. If you purchase a new keychain, you need to make sure that you don’t leave it around. If you have the older style remotes, don’t leave them in your car on your visor.

    Many break-ins occur because homeowners don’t use proper security measures. Purchase spotlights or a security system to protect your home. Keep the door between the garage and the house secure and update your automatic Sugarland, TX, garage door so that your home and your family are secure.


    What are people looking for in a garage door? That depends on what they are using the garage for, the overall appearance of the home, and the stipulations of the homeowners association in their neighborhood. Garage door trends in Sugarland, TX, vary widely is size, color, and material.

    When it’s Not Just a Garage

    Many people don’t want to just use their garage to store their vehicles and tools. More homeowners are considering turning part or their entire garage into a workroom, rec room, or exercise room. This allows them to get more use out of this area of the house and gives them more overall living space.

    This means that people who want to utilize garages for additional living space can’t use a standard garage door. Instead, they are looking to install insulated garage doors to help keep the area more comfortable all year round.

    When You Need Room to Grow

    Some couples are looking for a garage that will grow with them. It may just be the two of them when they first buy the house, but soon they will be having a family, which means extra space for larger vehicles, bikes, and perhaps toys. These people are looking for garage doors that will protect their family from injury, accidents, and theft while they own the home.

    When You Want to Save

    With the increase in costs of heating and cooling bills, people are looking to cut costs wherever they can. For these homeowners, garage door trends in Sugarland, TX, include steel doors that are polyinsulated. They are more expensive than other types of garage doors, but they offer a high return on investment with the reduction they offer in heating and energy bills.

    When You Don’t Have Time

    With busy families having to spread their time between work and family obligations, there isn’t a lot of time left over for household chores. Another trend in garage doors for homeowners in Sugarland, TX, is low-maintenance automatic garage doors. Often, a garage door needs to be checked, oiled, and serviced on a regular basis. If homeowners can avoid this work safely, they will.

    When You Need to Follow the Rules

    Sometimes the local homeowner association will have specifications regarding aspects of a home and landscape, including garage doors. For this type of homeowner, they have to bend to the will of the neighborhood instead of what they want to do with their garage.

    Garage door trends in Sugarland, TX, vary as much as the people who live there do. When it comes to remodeling a garage, if it is what you need, then you shouldn’t be afraid to start the project right away.

    Children of all ages need to understand the hazards of an automatic garage door. If you have children between the ages of 1 and 18, you need to make sure that you talk to them about what can happen if they play around a garage door when it is operating. Here are 6 Sugarland, TX, garage door safety tips to help you talk to your kids.

    A Garage Door Isn’t a Toy

    As soon as your child is old enough to walk and understand the word “no,” you should start to teach them that the garage door isn’t a toy. If you have older children, you can let them know that the door is heavy and can hurt them if it falls on them.

    Wall Switch Placement

    Make sure that the wall switch is out of reach of small children. The recommended height for garage door wall switch placement is five feet from the ground. And don’t let your older children play with the door switch.

    Protect Remote Switch

    Don’t leave the remote switch lying around the house or in the car where children can pick it up. They may not know what it is and play with it, which can be dangerous. Keep your opener with your car keys and use the same precautions with both to make sure little ones don’t have access to them.

    Know Where Children Are

    When you are opening or closing the garage door, make sure you know where your children are. Young children are especially prone to darting out if they see a friend, a pet, or a parent. Either hold them or have them safely in the car or house when operating an automatic garage door.

    Older Children

    Older children can become complacent or think they are fast enough to beat the door before it closes. Don’t let your children become lax with Sugarland, TX, garage door safety, no matter how old they may be.


    Teenagers who are learning to drive need to learn about garage door safety. Make sure they know to wait until the door is fully open before they pull in or out of the garage. Let them know they should never stop the car under the door and to make sure they see their siblings before operating the door.

    Like any tool, an automatic garage door can be dangerous if it isn’t used properly. These 6 Sugarland, TX, garage door tips will help you make sure that you have a safe and happy experience with the automatic door in your home.

    If you are installing a garage door in Sugar Land, TX, for the first time or replacing an existing door, there are certain tips that you must follow. If you follow this advice, you will have a properly installed garage door that will work well and keep your family safe.


    If you are removing an existing garage door, you should unlatch it from the pulleys and unscrew the tracks. When removing the panels, do it only one at a time to prevent the risk of injury. Once the old door is removed, you are able to take proper measurements for the new garage door.


    You should take more than one measurement to ensure purchasing the right size door. These measurements include the area between the top of the opening and the ceiling, the height of the door opening, the width of the door opening, and the space in the back where the door will recess when fully open.

    Once you have the proper measurements and have bought the correct door, you are ready to do the necessary preparations when installing a garage door. These preparations include weather stripping to reduce heat loss, temporary stops for the door until the equipment is installed, and organizing the necessary hardware. Make sure to note any pieces that are missing or broken before assembling and attaching the door. Installing a garage door in Sugar Land, TX, is easier when you have everything you need


    Attach all of the handles and hinges before inserting the door. You may want to use sawhorses to keep the door off the ground. Install the bottom piece first and make sure it is level. Assemble the track for each side and set them aside until you have completed assembling the panels. You will need to secure the panels in place until the track and rollers are installed.


    You should install the vertical tracks first and then the horizontal pieces. Then you are ready to attach the springs. You will want to have another person help you because you will need to lift the door up halfway to complete the installation process.

    If you take the proper precautions and follow the necessary steps, you can safely install a garage door. Many homeowners, however, prefer to retain the services of a professional. We have been helping with services such as installing a garage door in Sugar Land, TX, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to find out how we can help.