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    garage door installation

    We received a call from Kevin and Whitney to come and inspect their garage door system.

    What we found when we arrived as this:

    A broken garage door opener. A tension cable that broke. Plus, two of the garage door rollers came off as well.


    They had both wanted to upgrade their garage doors for a while. Now that their opener and cables broke, they figured it was a good time to replace the doors and their opener.

    After deciding what kind of style door they wanted and looking through some photos, they landed on these First United Door 325 model with carriage door stamp.

    The UDT door is a steel-backed garage door. Steel garage doors are low maintenance and strong, which means they last a long time, for little investment on their upkeep! The Universal series by 1st UDT are known for their quality and longevity.

    They chose to add Stockton windows and decorative hardware to really complete the upgraded look.

    Since we also had to replace the garage door opener since that had broken, Kevin and Whitney decided to go with the tried and true LiftMaster 8550 belt drive opener. Belt drive garage door openers are more expensive than chain and screw drive openers, but they require no maintenance! So they pay for themselves over time. They are also very quiet! The LiftMaster 8550 model also has extra security features including WiFI so you can control the door from a smartphone or tablet, and a battery backup. In case of a power outage, the door will still open and close!


    The new openers looks great with their new doors!

    We also installed brand new rollers, a new cable, and two new springs.
    This garage door system got a complete upgrade! The garage and openers are top quality, low maintenance and will last for years. Plus, the carriage house look they went for is timeless and classic. The doors and the design will stand the test of time, and are a great boost to the home’s value and curb appeal!


    We repaired this damaged garage door a few weeks ago. This door had 2 damaged panels, so when we arrived, we inspected the extend of the damage.

    damaged garage door

    What happened, you ask? Our customer was leaving her house in a rush and forgot to open the garage door as she backed out. Whoops!

    Below is a picture of the door’s damage from the inside.

    inside damaged garage door

    We thought the repair would be replacing the damaged panels with new panels. Our customer had other plans. She opted to purchase a brand new garage door. Her goal was to get a more durable and thicker garage door.

    We ordered a brand new door and installed it a few days later. We installed braces to the door as well. This will help to reinforce it if another minor accident occurs. The stronger door plus the braces should help in the future to keep the door secure and undamaged!


    reinforced garage door with braces installed

    The photo above shows the braces installed.

    The last thing in this repair included installing insulation to the garage door. The front of the house faces west, so it gets a lot of hot Texas sun! The insulation will help to keep the garage door cooler in summer and warmer in winter. It will also help to reinforce the door as well!

    Final Garage Door Reveal!

    Once the door was installed, braces installed and insulation complete, the last step was painting the door on the outside to match the trim on the house. Painting your garage door is a great way to update your curb appeal, and you can do it without purchasing a new door!

    The door looks great now, as you can see below! The door is opening and closing much more quietly and smoothly, thanks to the brand new door and insulation! Our customer loves it as much as we do!


    updated garage door installation

    Our latest custom installation project was at this gorgeous house in Sugar Land. We installed custom wood carriage house doors as part of this homeowners house renovation.

    These carriage house style doors are very popular right now. And for good reason! They don’t just look good. Wood garage doors are a quality material for garage doors. This upgrade gives your home’s value a major boost!

    You can see in the photo below the garage doors on the house before the switch. They look fine, in need of some new paint maybe. The doors had been pounded with the hot Texas sun for years and they were pretty weathered. Otherwise they were in good shape.

    The homeowners chose Carriage House doors that are steel-backed and made from wood. They have a great old-world look to them.

    The Carriage House doors have a great blend of style and function and new technology. So you as the homeowner get the best of both worlds: beautiful wood doors and safe, quality doors.

    Below you can see the side by side of the new and old doors. Already on it’s way to looking amazing!

    You can really tell the difference here between the old and new. In the first picture the doors looked just a little weathered and in need of paint. But you can really tell the difference in quality.


    The darker wood in the new doors also looks much better in contact with the lighter exterior paint!

    Here’s an up close shot of the new doors. The new metal hardware and other accents are a great touch to elevate the style. With custom garage doors, the options of style and customization are endless! Some of the popular styles from Carriage House include: Virginia, Carolina, Cambridge, Tuscan, Barcelona, Santiago and Park City. You can see those hardware styles here.


    And for the grand finale…

    wooden carriage house doors

    This customer called us when he ran into his garage door on accident one morning while rushing to work.

    Yikes! Not only was he embarrassed, he also needed a functioning garage door for his home security! A broken garage door is an invitation for burglars and home invaders.

    Once we arrived and inspected the damage, we all decided replacing the door was the best option. There was so much damage it would have cost more to fix the door vs. just replacing it. You can’t see in this picture that there is also a single car garage door to the right. That door was in fair condition as well, so an accident turned into an upgrade for this homeowner.

    Our customer decided against custom garage doors, and chose a door we happened to have in stock! We were able to go grab them and install them on the same day! How’s that for customer service!

    He chose these UDT Short Panel 25 Gauge Garage Doors.

    The biggest part of this job wasn’t installing the brand new doors, it was safely removing the existing doors.

    How We Un-Installed the Damaged Garage Door

    The springs on the door that was hit were still loaded. So the first step in safely getting this door down was putting the damaged door back on the tracks to support it while we properly removed the springs.

    After that, we were able to safely take the garage door off the tracks and get rid of it. Once the door was out, we noticed some rotting wood in the frame. Then we were able to get started framing out the new opening for the new garage doors.

    Next up: installing a new steal, new tracks, and the new doors!

    Don’t they look great!?

    Once the doors were installed, we installed new trim and a vapor barrier for the doors. We used wire to reinforce the stucco around the doors. Now for the finishing touches: texturing the areas of the house that were affected by the accident and repainting everything to match!

    These UDT doors come with a lifetime crack warranty and rust warranty, which is great! These doors are more durable than his previous doors, which clearly is necessary! These doors will do a great job to stand up to daily use for years to come!

    Our latest project was a doozy! Our client wanted to finally use his garage and be able to access it easily. His old doors did not operate at all, and the doors were wood, and rotted. The job included removing the old rotted doors, reframing the opening, and then installing a new door and opener.

    These are the doors before we got started. It looks PRETTY rough!

    garage door replacement

    Once we removed the old rotting doors, we framed openings for a walk through door, and a new garage door. This not only gave our client access through the garage to park a car and have one side open for working, but also a regular door to access the garage as well.

    Below you can see the doors mid-framing.

    garage door replacement

    And now we have the walk through door installed.

    garage door replacement


    Next step was installing the new garage doors. We also insulated the door, to ensure a comfortable place in extreme temps.

    garage door replacement

    Once everything was in place, our last job was to install a new opener to get this door opening and closing easily! We went with the LiftMaster 8550W opener and it works great! The door comes with some great features, including WiFi so you can control the doors with your smartphone or tablet, and top of the line security features.

    This door went from old and rotting away, to new and high tech!

    If you are installing a garage door in Sugar Land, TX, for the first time or replacing an existing door, there are certain tips that you must follow. If you follow this advice, you will have a properly installed garage door that will work well and keep your family safe.


    If you are removing an existing garage door, you should unlatch it from the pulleys and unscrew the tracks. When removing the panels, do it only one at a time to prevent the risk of injury. Once the old door is removed, you are able to take proper measurements for the new garage door.


    You should take more than one measurement to ensure purchasing the right size door. These measurements include the area between the top of the opening and the ceiling, the height of the door opening, the width of the door opening, and the space in the back where the door will recess when fully open.

    Once you have the proper measurements and have bought the correct door, you are ready to do the necessary preparations when installing a garage door. These preparations include weather stripping to reduce heat loss, temporary stops for the door until the equipment is installed, and organizing the necessary hardware. Make sure to note any pieces that are missing or broken before assembling and attaching the door. Installing a garage door in Sugar Land, TX, is easier when you have everything you need


    Attach all of the handles and hinges before inserting the door. You may want to use sawhorses to keep the door off the ground. Install the bottom piece first and make sure it is level. Assemble the track for each side and set them aside until you have completed assembling the panels. You will need to secure the panels in place until the track and rollers are installed.


    You should install the vertical tracks first and then the horizontal pieces. Then you are ready to attach the springs. You will want to have another person help you because you will need to lift the door up halfway to complete the installation process.

    If you take the proper precautions and follow the necessary steps, you can safely install a garage door. Many homeowners, however, prefer to retain the services of a professional. We have been helping with services such as installing a garage door in Sugar Land, TX, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to find out how we can help.