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    garage door panel repair

    Our customer, John, is deployed on active military duty. He wanted to sell his condo while still deployed and had a great realtor helping him out! 

    Unfortunately, someone ran into his garage door and damaged it. You can’t sell a condo with a damaged garage door, so John and his realtor had to scramble to find a professional garage door repair company to handle the damage quickly so they could get the condo on the market ASAP. 

    Thankfully John got in touch with us, and we were able to come out quickly to figure out what needed to be done and get the repair underway. 

    As you can see, the damage to the garage door didn’t look good: 

    condo garage door repair

    No only was the garage door busted on 2 of the 4 panels, the stucco next to the garage was also damaged in the accident. 

    Repair Project

    So we fixed the frame of the garage as well as the stucco. We painted it to match the exterior color. 

    Next up was the garage door repair. It was an option to just buy a new garage door, but that is more expensive than replacing the 2 panels. Since the garage door itself isn’t that old, it not only was in good condition up top, but the garage door is still being manufactured. That means, we were able to quickly order 2 new panels to replace the damaged panels. 

    Once we installed the new panels, we painted them to match the existing door. With a condo, you don’t really get a lot of color options. Since we already had the paint on hand, it was an easy call to paint to match! 

    condo garage door repair

    As you can see, the door looks brand new! And after the quick repair, John’s realtor got it up on the market and sold within 3 weeks!

    Glad we were able to do a job to support our active military. Thank you for your service, John!

    We got a call from a customer that their garage door panel was cracked and broken.

    We came out and saw this:

    cracked garage door panel as a result of bad garage door opener installation

    Yup…definetely a cracked garage door panel! 

    We figured out that this was a result of a bad garage door opener installation. The customer told us how their family friend said he knew how to install garage door openers and could do it for them. Since he’s not a professional, he didn’t know that you have to add a strut to reinforce the upper panel. If you don’t, the panel can…crack.  

    Thankfully, this Wayne Dalton garage door is still manufactured. We were able to order a new panel to replace the cracked one. Replacing a panel is a much cheaper option than replacing the entire door. If your garage door is no longer being made, however, replacing your panel isn’t an option. 

    The cheapest panel repair option is to just reinforce the panel and install hardware to do this. But this is a temporary fix. The ideal is to replace the entire panel or door to remove a damaged panel. 

    Once the new panel arrived, we came out to install it. Not only did we install a strut to reinforce the upper panel, as you can see here: 

    strut installed to support garage door and garage door opener

    We also adjusted the tracks since they were not aligned properly. 

    The end result: a smooth moving garage door thanks to the properly installed brand new garage door opener

    Why hire a professional garage door company?

    This story is the exact reason why you should always hire a professional for your garage door needs. Do the research to find a good company – licensed, bonded and insured and with many 3rd party high reviews. A professional garage door installer would install your garage door opener right the FIRST time, and would be less expensive than the cost it was to come out and replace this garage door panel.

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