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    garage door repair

    Our customer, Rachel, was pulling out of her garage when this happened when she heard a bang. Not what you want to hear on your way to work. 

    Her garage door wasn’t fully open and she started backing up. Whoops!

    This happens more often than you might think and it’s generally not so bad of a repair job, depending on how fast the car was going when it hit the door. 

    It’s a bit more painful when you have brand new beautiful carriage house style garage doors and you damage them. 

    Panel Replacement

    Lucky for Rachel, the damage was only on the bottom panel of the garage door. Since the door is pretty new, the manufacturer still produces the panels to this non-custom door. 

    We were able to order a new panel direct from her garage door’s manufacturer and when it arrived, we quickly came out to swap out the old panel for the new one.

    Now the panel looks good as new 🙂

    Swapping out a panel in your existing garage door, when there is no damage, is always a great money saving idea. Many of our clients will swap out their top panel with a panel featuring windows. Panel replacement can update the look of your garage, without the expense of purchasing another one.

    Part of this repair included painting the new panel to match the rest of the garage door. Painting your garage door is also a great way to freshen up the look of your exterior without the large expense of a new garage door.

    Rachel’s door has a new panel installed and a fresh coat of paint, and looks great!

    Now Rachel can go back to enjoying her beautiful carriage house style garage doors, complete with a panel of windows and beautiful decorative hardware. She will probably back out very slowly from now on too.


    We hear this question a lot- should I hire a professional garage door company for garage door maintenance and repair?

    We are biased, of course, but the answer is yes! And here are 4 reasons why.

    Quality and Guarantee of Work

    A licensed, bonded and insured garage door company knows what they are doing. They will generally guarantee their work and parts so you can’t feel confident knowing if something doesn’t go right, they will correct it.

    Not only do professional companies have their reputation on the line, if they perform bad jobs, their license and insurance will be impacted. So they have an incentive to provide excellent service and quality!

    Sometimes spending money saves you money!

    You use your garage to protect one of your most valuable things: your car! Doing garage door repair jobs yourself or hiring a handyman with no direct garage door experience can harm your vehicle, make your garage more suspectible to intruders, or just cost you more money to fix it down the road due to improper repairs or installations.

    Investing in a garage door system that is installed and recommended by a professional company will cost you much less down the road. It’s also the reason why maintaining your garage door annually is cheaper than only fixing it when it breaks. Maintenance can spot problems before they become bigger, saving yo money and a big headache!

    Professionals Know More!

    Some garage door maintenance tasks you can do on your own – like lubricating your door, or setting up the security features on your opener. But unless you really know what you’re doing, a professional is always best.

    A professional company knows how to install and repair all different garage doors, openers, springs, etc. Some repairs can be dangerous. Garage doors are heavy and if you are changing a spring or installing a new opener, the garage door can fall if not properly secured. At most this can hurt or kill a person in it’s path. At the least, it will damage your door and you’ll need a new one. At this point, you’ll wish you had hired a professional to begin with!

    Professionals also have access to the specific parts you need if you have a repair!

    Emergency Services

    Another great thing about professional companies – many of them offer 24/7 or emergency services. Garage door accidents often happen outside of Monday to Friday, 9-5 hours. Waiting on a repair from a handyman or trying to figure it out yourself can cost you time and frustration.

    If those reasons aren’t enought to convince you to hire a professional, give us a call to ask us a question!


    Most realtors have their go-to people and companies they call when they need help getting a property ready to list. Included on this go-to list is a great garage door repair company that help quickly fix any garage door issues before a home will be shown or listed on the market.

    There are small repairs or updates you can make to a garage door before selling it, that a garage door company can easily help with! This includes installing a new and quieter opener, doing a maintenance check to make sure everything is working well, and insulating the garage door.

    Repairs also sometimes need to be taken care of quickly in order to get the house listed. Recently a Keller Williams realtor called us a few days before their open house. She needed to take pictures of the home, but the garage door was in need of some repair that was visible.

    The panels, as you can see below, are damaged. Likely that the homeowner or someone else hit the door with their car.

    This was a pretty easy fix. The bottom 2 panels were damaged and needed to be replaced. Since the door is still being produced, we were able to order 2 new panels quickly and install them just in time for the pictures to be taken.

    Replacing the panels, if you can, is a much more affordable option than buying and installing a brand new door. Especially if you are selling your home, you want to minimize repair costs as much as possible.



    Even if your panels are damaged and you AREN’T selling your home, replacing panels is still your best bet. It is a quick fix, and cost effective. Replacing a damaged panel is also a great way to instantly upgrade your curb appeal.

    Good news: After we made this repair, the realtor took pictures and has open house. The home sold in less than a week!

    Our customer called us recently because his garage door, as you can see below, is only opening part of the way. Frustrating to say the least. Thankfully we were able to come out on the same day and fix the problem!

    When we arrived, this is what happened anytime he or we clicked the garage door remote and tried opening the door. You see how it gets stuck when it gets about half way up.



    The first step is always troubleshooting when a garage door isn’t behaving properly. We eventually landed on the garage door being too heavy for the opener to open and close it properly.

    Why was the door too heavy?

    The torsion springs that were installed on the door were too small. The size of your garage door springs is important in ensuring your garage door opener can handle the weight of your door. Too big or too small springs can have a negative impact.

    In the video below, you’ll see how the garage door opens now after we installed the right sized springs. The door opens all the way smoothly and easily. In the last part of the video, our tech is ensuring the door is opening properly both automatically and manually to catch any issues before leaving.


    We not only installed new springs that are the right size, but we installed 2. A dual spring system is what we recommend all the time. It has a higher upfront cost but in the long run, you get more life out of your springs and your opener. 1 spring just doesn’t do the job when it comes to carrying the weight of your door and working well with your opener.

    The customers were happy that their garage door finally opened and closed easily. A quick afternoon repair and one more happy customer!

    Tuesdays morning our customers called us with a problem. Their main garage door went off its tracks and some rollers and cables fell on the door. Uh-oh!

    off track garage door sugar land texas  off track garage door sugar land texas

    When we arrived we found few problems.

    1. The opener adjustments were wrong.
    2. The size of the springs were wrong for the door.
    3. The cables were bad.

    On top of this, the customers have a beautiful classic car in their garage, and the fit is very tight. We needed to make sure we fixed the door and didn’t do any damage to their car.

    broken garage door cable

    Bad cable

    How we fixed it:

    The first thing we did was leveled the door. This allowed us to then put all of the rollers back in the hinges. Then we were able to remove the old springs tension.

    The next step was addressing the cables. We replaced the bad cables with heavier gauge cables that are the right fit for this garage door. We also installed new springs that are the proper size to support the weight of the garage door.

    Since the upper panel of the garage door was also cracked, and the door model had been discontinued, we installed a 16′ strut for reinforcement. We also added a center style mount to mount the opener “J” arm to keep things solid.

    The last thing we noticed during our inspection and job completion was that the opener installer had adjusted the opener force to the maximum.

    This max setting means that the opener uses all of it’s power to lift and close the door. This is not a good idea for many reasons. The most important reason is if your door is set at the max setting, your door will close too forcefully and can injure a person or property. You always want a professional to set the force properly. The setting depends on the weight and type of your door for a proper setting.

    Once we completed all of these repairs, the customers can now enjoy opening and closing their garage door safely, and enjoying their beautiful classic car!

    fixed off track garage door

    This customer called us when he ran into his garage door on accident one morning while rushing to work.

    Yikes! Not only was he embarrassed, he also needed a functioning garage door for his home security! A broken garage door is an invitation for burglars and home invaders.

    Once we arrived and inspected the damage, we all decided replacing the door was the best option. There was so much damage it would have cost more to fix the door vs. just replacing it. You can’t see in this picture that there is also a single car garage door to the right. That door was in fair condition as well, so an accident turned into an upgrade for this homeowner.

    Our customer decided against custom garage doors, and chose a door we happened to have in stock! We were able to go grab them and install them on the same day! How’s that for customer service!

    He chose these UDT Short Panel 25 Gauge Garage Doors.

    The biggest part of this job wasn’t installing the brand new doors, it was safely removing the existing doors.

    How We Un-Installed the Damaged Garage Door

    The springs on the door that was hit were still loaded. So the first step in safely getting this door down was putting the damaged door back on the tracks to support it while we properly removed the springs.

    After that, we were able to safely take the garage door off the tracks and get rid of it. Once the door was out, we noticed some rotting wood in the frame. Then we were able to get started framing out the new opening for the new garage doors.

    Next up: installing a new steal, new tracks, and the new doors!

    Don’t they look great!?

    Once the doors were installed, we installed new trim and a vapor barrier for the doors. We used wire to reinforce the stucco around the doors. Now for the finishing touches: texturing the areas of the house that were affected by the accident and repainting everything to match!

    These UDT doors come with a lifetime crack warranty and rust warranty, which is great! These doors are more durable than his previous doors, which clearly is necessary! These doors will do a great job to stand up to daily use for years to come!

    This garage door has several cracks…

    If your door looks anything like this, you might have a cracked panel, or panels.

    What are the signs of a cracked panel?

    Typical signs of a cracked panel include:

    • Your garage door is making loud, popping sounds.
    • If you have issues closing your garage door, it might be a cracked panel.
    • If you see any dents in your garage door, this is a good visual indicator that you have a cracked panel.

    A cracked panel is a big safety hazard! Your garage door can collapse if the panel cracks aren’t fixed in a timely matter.

    How to Fix a Cracked Panel

    There are 3 fixes for a cracked panel.

    1. You can replace the panel that is cracked. If your garage door model has panel replacements available, this is simple. If not, this might not be an option.
    2. You can fix the crack temporarily. To do this, you can install braces to support the damaged panel or panels. This fix can last for a year or so, but ultimately the panel or door will need to be completely replaced.
    3. The last option is to replace your entire door. If you can’t find a panel replacement, this is really your only option. But sometimes it’s a blessing in disguise. If you have an older door, or your door is already cracked and will be prone to more cracking, it can be more cost effective in the long run to replace the door. Doors today have much better warranties, including protecting against rust and cracks, so you don’t run into problems down the line.

    Remember, a cracked panel doesn’t just look bad or make your garage door noisy –  its a safety hazard. If you aren’t sure if your panel is cracked, give us or another garage door company a call today. We can come out and take a look and let you know if there is a problem or not. And if there is, break down your options to address the problem.


    We repair a lot of snapped and broken cables. Your cables help to reduce the tension which helps extend the life of your springs, both torsion and extension springs. They also allow your garage door to open and close more smoothly. If a spring breaks, which we see often, the cables can help keep the garage door from crashing down and causing even more harm or damage.

    There are 3 kids of garage door cables:

    1. Safety cables
    2. Torsion spring cables
    3. Extension spring cables

    We often are asked how thick should cables be and does it make a difference. The answer is yes!

    Thin cables tend to wear faster. They can break or snap more easily as well. Just imagine a garage door going up and down, and all of a sudden a cable snaps! The thicker cables are, logically, more durable. They can carry even more tension and weight to help support your springs and the weight of your garage door.


    Usually this is the spot of where garage door cables can snap. That loop you see in the picture below is connected to a bracket at the bottom of the garage door.

    garage door cables repair thickness

    Even though thicker cables are always better, you don’t want to have a cable that is too thick. This is why you pay a professional, since they can determine the exact thickness your specific door and springs require to work optimally. You need a cable that is thick enough to handle the load of your garage door. But if your cable is too thick, it can impede the door from moving smoothly over your pulley and drums.

    As a note, the higher the gauge on a cable, the thicker it is. You want to find the right gauge and thickness for your specific door. A smaller door doesn’t need as thick of a cable as a larger one.

    Our clients, Llana and Colby bought their first house together last year. As they were doing what all new homeowners do when they move in – making updates and small repairs, they noticed something about their garage door:

    As you can see, the upper panel is damaged so it isn’t level with the rest of the door. Upon further inspection, they realized the previous owners must have done some garage door repairs on their own. Clearly, they didn’t know how to properly install a new garage door opener. The bad installation job for the opener damaged the upper panel.

    Before we arrived, the opener was mounted to the garage with a piece of wood. A big no no! Not only should you use proper materials generally, you can see the result of using just wood to mount and support the opener, on the panels.

    This is what a proper mount should look like:

    Never fear, we arrived to help Llana and Colby out! Thankfully the garage door isn’t a discontinued model, so we were able to replace the upper panel. After that, we re-balanced their garage door. And finally, installed a center style mount, to mount the garage door opener to the door correctly.

    Looking good!

    Garage door springs are an important part of the proper functioning of your garage doors. Garage door springs help to maintain and to balance the weight of your garage door. The springs and cables work together to open and close your garage door safely. A common emergency call we receive is for broken spring repair. When a spring breaks, your garage door can be hard to open, manually and with your opener. 

    broken spring repair

    Before: Broken springs

    How do I know if my springs are broken?

    Generally you hear a loud “springing” noise when the door is moving. If your spring breaks, and your garage door is closed, it will then be very difficult to open. This makes getting a car parked inside, out, pretty complicated!

    The fix for a broken spring is replacement. We normally recommend replacing all of your springs at once, even if only one is broken. This is the safer choice and ensures that the repair will last you a long time. Sometimes you have springs that aren’t right for your door – either too big or too small. Our repair includes a properly fitting spring. We also recommend converting your spring system to a double spring system. A spring repair will product a door that is easy to lift and one that is well-balanced!

    broken spring repair

    After: all fixed!


    How to Replace Broken Garage Door Springs

    Once you know the correct size for your springs, replacing them is simple. You first want to disengage the motor from the door. After that, you can easily remove and replace the springs. While the steps are simple, the process can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. With broken springs, if you do not handle the door properly, your door can easily come crashing down on your car, property, or a person! Call a professional to safely replace your garage door springs!

    Recommendations For Garage Door Springs 

    As mentioned above, we usually recommend replacing both springs for your door, even if only one is broken. If one spring is already broken, the other one is probably not far behind anyway, and it’s easier and more cost effective to replace both at once.

    Torsion springs usually have a lifespan of 15-20 thousand cycles, or about 10-14 years. This depends on how often you use your door. We recommend having 2 springs over 1, or a “double spring system”. Two springs can be cheaper in the long run as well since you get more life out of your garage door! Ask your tech what makes the most sense for your situation.