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    One of the major concerns of homeowners in Sugarland regarding their garage door is the cost of purchase and maintenance. A lot of homeowners do not have sufficient experience when it comes to purchasing a garage door.

    Here are 5 questions that you will need to answer to help you know what to expect regarding your garage door expenses:

    1.       Do I Really Require a New Garage Door?

    This question is quite simple to answer. If your metal garage door is all banged out of shape, track hardware is falling apart or your wood garage door is unsightly, you will need to get a new garage door in Sugarland. However, you may not need to replace your garage door completely. Your garage door may just need a little repair and maintenance. You can reduce your garage door expenses by simply doing a little maintenance costs and repairs yourself.

    2.       What Type of Garage Door Should I Pick?

    One of the factors that determine the cost of a garage door in Sugarland is the materials used in the production of the door. The style of garage door you choose can also have a huge impact on the cost of the garage door. A reliable and reputable Sugarland garage door expert can tell you what garage door style will be suitable for you after taking your budget and personal preference into consideration.

    3.       Is It Possible to Install the Garage Door by Myself?

    Many home improvement centers offer garage doors that are quite easy to install. However, prior to lowering your garage door expenses by choosing to install the door yourself, you will need to get installation instructions from the garage door manufacturer.

    Please Note: If you are not handy at all, it is best to contact a Sugarland garage door expert to install the door.

    4.       What will Be Included in the Total Cost of the Garage Door?

    Clearly, the cost of a garage door in Sugarland will depend on a little more than just the price. A typical garage door replacement often includes new tracks. Ensure that you find out if the quote you were given also includes new tracks.

    5.       Should I Replace the Garage Door Opener?

    You do not need to replace the garage door opener if it is in good working condition. But, you may need to replace it if the new garage door is significantly heavier and your old garage door opener is too weak to handle the additional load.

    Garage door safety has improved significantly in the last few years, but there are still avoidable accidents that cause serious injury or expensive property damage. It is essential to make sure your garage door has the necessary safety features and that they are working the way that they should. You don’t want to take a chance with something that massive suspended from your garage ceiling.

    There are five fundamental safety tips for your automatic garage door:

    1.      Test Safety Features Monthly

    Every automatic garage door should have an automated sensor that will cause the door to reverse if it detects anything in its pathway. You can test the auto-reserve feature by placing a rolled up newspaper under the door. If the door does not stop and reverse when the object is placed in its path, it will need to be repaired. You can call the trained technicians at Sugarland Texas Garage Doors for a free quote on fixing the sensor or replacing the automatic opener.

    2.      Visually Inspect Your Garage Door

    Take a few minutes once a month to look over the tracking, rollers, hinges, cables, pulleys, and springs for any signs of wear and tear. You can give everything a quick wipe down as you are visually inspecting them. Make sure not to adjust or remove anything attached to the spring and pulley system. This is under high tension and can cause serious injury. You should, however, tighten any lose screws and replace any damaged hinges.

    3.      Keep the Opener Away from Children

    Any remote access keypads or key chains should be kept out of the reach of young children. They may find that repeatedly opening and closing the door is a fun game, but it could have serious consequences. It is a good idea to explain to your children that the garage door opener is not a toy and there is a potential for danger if it is not used properly.

    4.      Lock Your Interior Garage Door

    A malfunctioning garage door is not the only threat to your safety. Many people leave the interior garage door open as a more convenient access way into the home. Leaving it open will also make it easier for intruders to gain access to your home if they are able to get inside the garage.

    5.      Install an Advanced Automatic Opener

    Automatic garage door openers now have state-of-the-art technology like fingerprint recognition access controls and rolling-code access security to prevent thieves from figuring out your access code. This will keep your family and belongings safe and secure.


    If you are considering replacing your garage door there are certain factors and options that will end up affecting the total cost of the project. Garage doors can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousands dollars depending on the type of door you choose.

    Here are six garage door options that will affect the price:

    1.       Garage Door Material

    Garage door companies like Sugarland Texas Garage Door offer doors in a variety of different materials and each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Aluminum and steel doors are usually the least expensive option. More durable materials like fiberglass or vinyl will cost more, but require less maintenance. Wood doors also come in a wide-variety of price ranges, since they vary based on the quality of the wood.

    2.       Type of Opening Mechanism

    Modern garage door openers come with several different security options depending on your personal preference. There are different remote access features, rolling code technology, and even garage door openers that use fingerprint recognition to grant entry.

    3.       New Garage Door Tracking

    Purchasing and installing tracking will have an impact on the price of your new garage door. If you are replacing an existing door and your tracking is still in good condition, you won’t have to worry about the additional expense. Make sure the estimator including the tracking if you don’t have it already.

    4.       Insulation Costs

    If you plan on using your garage as a workspace, there will be additional costs to insulate the door. Most garage doors come with weather stripping, but you will also need foam insulation on the interior of the door itself to keep the cold air out in the winter.

    5.       Cost of Installation

    Make sure to request installation quotes from several different garage store companies since there could be drastic price differences. Don’t trust any company that is significantly lower or higher than the rest, since it is usually the sign of a scam.

    6.       Special Features & Add-ons

    Selecting a garage door that has windows in it will enhance the curb appeal; it will also raise the price of the door. Make sure to ask the garage door company to quote on any optional special features and add-ons that they recommend. This way you know your choices and you can choose which ones are within your budget.

    Sugarland Texas Garage Doors offers their customers the ability to customize their garage door so it suits their style and budget. We also provide free and detailed estimates, so you know exactly what you can get and how much it will cost before ever committing to our services. Please give us a call for a free quote on your new automatic garage door.

    Your garage door is a huge part of your home, yet many people completely forget about it when it comes time to update their home. Home improvement efforts are usually focused on the home’s interior, the roof, or the landscaping. Houston Texas Garage Doors wants homeowners to take a good look at the condition and physical appeal of their garage doors.

    Is it time to update your garage door?

    If it doesn’t open properly, if it has cracks, or if the finish is so faded that you are embarrassed when people visit; then it might be time to update your garage door. You can call Houston Texas Garage Door for a free estimate on repairing the door or a quote for replacing the garage door, if it is beyond salvaging.

    Are you considering selling your home?

    If you are trying to sell your home, keep in mind that your garage door is the largest focal point when someone is viewing your house from the road. It is the first impression your home makes on potential buyers and it could discourage potential buyers from ever viewing your home. If your garage door is hurting your curb appeal more than it is helping it, it might be time to update your garage door.

    Is your garage door more than 20 years old?

    Even if you are not planning on selling your home, it may still be time to update your garage door. If your automatic garage door was installed more than 20 years ago, it won’t pass today’s safety standards. In 1993, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued rules and mandatory safety requirements for all automatic residential garage door openers.

    All automatic garage doors now come with an auto-reverse safety feature that senses if there is something in direct line with the door’s path. These requirements were established to prevent children and pets from being pinned underneath garage doors. Make sure your automatic garage door opener has this critical safety feature.

    A garage door is a massive part of your home’s exterior and it should be a reflection of your personal style and good taste. If it is not adding value to your home, then it might be time to update your garage door. If you are in the market for a new garage door, please call Houston Texas Garage Doors for a free quote.

    Inexpensive home renovations can quickly improve the overall look of your home without draining your bank account. Installing a new garage door with an automatic opener is not only a great investment in the resale value of your home, but it will also pay for itself by providing the homeowner with valuable convenience, comfort, security, and accessibility.

    Here are a few good reasons why you should invest in an automatic garage door:

    1.     Appearance

    Garage doors are now available in a variety of stylish colors and designs. If your current garage door is not adding real value to your property, then it is time to opt for a high-quality door that truly complements your home’s exterior.

    2.     Convenience

    An automatic garage door with remote access will make it so much easier to get in and out of your garage. You can pull right inside the garage instead of having to stop the car, get out, open the garage door, get back in the car, drive in the garage, get out again, and then close the door behind you.

    3.     Comfort

    Your garage can be a great workspace, especially during bad weather. The weather in Sugarland, Texas, is usually pretty favorable, but it is nice to have a quick place to grab cover whenever it rains. Garages are also ideal for painting furniture, because they provide overhead protection from the elements without trapping the toxic fumes inside.

    4.     Security

    Many garages house people’s valuable possessions and act as an alternative entryway into the home. A solid steel or fiberglass door with a good lock on it will keep your property and home safe from intruders. It will also provide you with additional personal safety when you are entering the home, as you can immediately close the garage door behind you instead of having to get out of the car to close it.

    5.     Accessibility

    The reliability and accessibility of automatic garage door openers has improved significantly in the last few years. There is now the option for more convenient keyless entry systems and high-tech security choices like fingerprint-recognition access. Modern garage door openers utilize the most state-of-the-art technology to ensure that they work when you need them and never when you don’t.

    Automatic garage doors offer curb appeal, convenience, comfort, security, and greater accessibility. Sugarland Texas Garage Door specializes in enhancing your home’s current and resale value by upgrading its garage. Please contact us if you have any questions on how to choose a garage door that will be a worthwhile investment in your home.