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    Garage doors can provide easy access into your home for your family, as well as unwanted intruders. Many criminals will specifically target the garage door, especially if there are no security measures in place to deter them. The team at Sugarland Texas Garage Doors strongly encourages you take the necessary precautions to prevent garage door break-ins for the safety of your family and the security of your belongings. Following a few inexpensive and simple steps will make it significantly harder for intruders to break into your home.

    Here are six simple steps to prevent garage door break-ins:

    1.      Close the Garage Door

    It may sound ridiculously obvious, but many people leave their garage door open during the day, especially while they are doing work outside. Although thieves might not attempt to break into your home while you are there, leaving the garage door open will show potential criminals the valuable contents of your garage.

    2.      Keep Interior Door Locked

    Countless people leave the door between their home and garage unlocked for easier access. Even if you have a solid steel door with the highest level of security features, you should still have a deadbolt and a peep-hole on the interior garage door. It should be treated the same way as any other door to your house.

    3.      Install Sensor Lights

    You should have strategically placed outdoor lighting throughout your property if you are concerned about intruders breaking into your home. These lights will scare off any unwanted visitors.

    4.      Use a Key-chain Remote

    A common mistake people make is leaving the automatic opener remote in the car. Thieves can break into your car, steal the remote, and then break into your home. A key-chain remote that you keep with you is a great way to prevent garage door break-ins.

    5.      Frosted Decorative Windows

    Windows make garage doors look more stylish and sophisticated. Sugarland Texas Garage Doors carries garage doors with windows in a variety of designs, sizes, and materials. For security purposes, we strongly recommend that the windows are frosted or tinted. It is also a good idea to make sure the windows are not large enough for a person to squeeze through.

    6.      Invest in Better Technology

    Automatic garage doors openers are now available with fingerprint recognition and rolling-code technology to make it significantly harder for criminals to access your automatic opener. Please feel free to call Sugarland Texas Garage Doors for a free quote on any of our brand name garage door openers.

    All it takes is following these six simple steps and you can prevent garage door break-ins at your house.

    Garage doors are massive mechanical structures that are usually made from heavy steel or wood. Their mechanisms are spring-loaded and they are suspended seven or eight feet in the air. There is high potential for a costly accident or painful injury if the door is not secure and well-maintained.

    In the past fifteen years, there have been many changes to the technology used for automating garage doors, and older doors do not meet today’s higher safety standards. If your garage door wasn’t purchased within the last fifteen years, it is best to get it assessed by professional installers like the staff at Sugarland Texas Garage Door.

    Auto-Reverse Sensory System

    The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) decided in January of 1993 that it would now be mandatory for every garage door opener to have a sensor (electronic eye). This external entrapment protection system will cause the door to reverse its directions if it detects anything in the door’s path.

    The auto-reversing feature is crucial for preventing property damage and personal injury. You will most likely need to switch to a more modernized system that meets the current safety standards if your garage door was purchased prior to 1993.

    Keep Kids Away

    Automatic garage doors provide a convenient entranceway into your home. In most homes, it is the most popular choice for going in and out of the house. Parents of young children may be tempted to let them use the garage door remotes or keypad on their own, but the National Safety Council and CPSC strongly urge otherwise.

    Kids love to play, and a garage door remote or keypad look like an exciting new gadget. Improper use of the automated controls or reckless horseplay while the door is closing can led to a disaster. It is best to hide the remotes and mount the keypad out of reach of the children to ensure their safety.

    Regular Testing and Maintenance

    You should test your garage door’s emergency release function at least once a month. This will disconnect the opener system from the garage door so that it can be lifted by hand. Most models will have a short rope hanging from the motor that is labeled “emergency release.” You should also check the balance (how easy it is to manually open the door) and the force setting (whether the door reverses with moderate resistance) after checking the release.

    Every garage door opening system should come with an owner’s manual that specifies the basic guidelines for maintaining your garage door opener. If you do not have your owner’s manual or it doesn’t give you the answers you need, you can always contact Sugarland Texas Garage Door with your maintenance or repair questions. We have considerable experience working with a wide range of different automated garage door openers.