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    This repair is on a broken torque master spring system by Wayne Dalton.

    As you can see there is a cracked panel in the door as well.

    We worked on replacing the spring system with a new standard torsion spring system.

    We have found that the torque master systems typically fail after a few years in use. The standard torsion springs systems last many years.

    Another negative to the Wayne Dalton systems is that their components are mostly plastic. With extreme temperatures and extended use, plastic parts can break more often or wear more quickly.

    Our replacement spring systems are installed with metallic parts, helping them to last longer and function better.

    Below are some before and after pictures of the cracked panels and spring system changes.



    We also added a strut to reinforce the cracked panel. This isn’t a permanent fix long term, but helps prevent further breakage and will allow the door to work and function as it should.

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